For teachers sometimes it becomes really difficult to deal with hostile or disobedient students. At some point in every teacher's career, there will be one notorious pupil who makes a knot of dread build in their stomach. Dealing with that particular pupil PR even group of pupils becomes a headache and such a waste of time. It also breaks the teaching rhythm of an educator.

For teachers who’re struggling to manage their classroom or unable to maintain a pin drop silence while teaching, a Certificate course in classroom behavior management is designed just for them.

Besides the usual delivery of lectures and quality instructional materials to students, teachers are assigned with the responsibility to make the classroom quiet and conducive to learning. But sometimes things go out of their control. There are pupils who disrupt classes with irritating activities and aggressive behavior like tapping pens, swinging of chairs, whistling and so on. In such cases, a course on classroom management will teach you various strategies to make a classroom ideal for learning.

Learn a focused approach to behavior management in schools with the course

Have you ever asked yourself the reason behind some teachers are able to handle the disobedient and noise-making pupils better than you and why they command respect that others don't? Have you ever thought why some teachers find the job so wonderful and exciting while others find it so stressful and frustrating?

It’s because they know the strategies and methods to manage behavior in students and have adopted a focused approach. A Certificate course in classroom behavior management will give you a complete overview of the ways to overcome behavioral issues in pupils and help them focus on studies. By enrolling for the course, you too can avoid poorly managed classes resulting in stress elevation and burn-outs. Some of the learning modules of the course consist of the following:

• Using nonverbal communication such as videos, info graphics etc.
• following model ideal behavior such as speaking politely
• neglecting low level interruption of students
• isolating persistent poor behavior
• separating those pupils creating ruckus in one corner of the room and study independently
• dealing with abusive words uttered by notorious students
• making proper seating arrangements
• inspiring the class & improving the self-esteem of the students
• implementing the rules and values you want to see in the class
• encouraging initiatives
• avoiding punishing the whole class

Each module is explained by expert trainers in a clear and lucid language so that you can easily understand them. This course will make you acquainted with the various strategies and methods to deal with behavioral issues in children of all ages both at home and school. Each modules ends with a sequence of multiple choice questions planned for self-evaluation and to test whether the behavior management strategies have worked or not.

Institute of International Teachers Training (IITT) is delighted to present certificate course in classroom behavior management for you to help students overcome behavioral disorders and boost their academic performance. Come join us now for a comprehensive curriculum and expert faculties!!

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