We all like to read about success stories and rich personalities across the world. But what gets the best of us every time are all these weird abbreviations. How do you differentiate CEO from a CFO or a COO? Isn’t the last one a sound a bird makes? Here to clear that whole CEO vs COO vs CMO vs CIO debate, know what all these acronyms mean in the business world.

The first thing to know is that all these acronyms represent the upper echelon of corporations. Nobody remembers the managers; everybody wants to meet the CEO or the chairman. Everybody knows about Jack Welch and Tim Cook and wants to be like them. So, it’d stand to reason to actually know what did their positions mean.

A CEO is a Chief Executive Officer, the pinnacle of a corporation that an employee can reach. Examples include Satya Nadella of Microsoft or Robert Iger of Disney (formerly). It is a pretty glamorous position in itself.
A COO is a Chief Operating Officer. Examples include Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook and John Mulligan of Target Corporation.

A CMO is a Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for a corporation’s global marketing strategies and activities. Similarly, a CIO is Chief Information Officer, and is considered a new position considering CIO’s owe much of their title existence to computing systems and IT, which itself was perfected in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Still not clear enough about the responsibilities that come with these positions and the perquisites, glamour etc? Head over to https://heymuse.com/ceo-coo-cmo-cio-know-the-meaning-of-7-acronyms-of-to... and you will be more well-versed on what these acronyms mean.

All these positions, regardless of what they mean, are pretty lucrative (as one can imagine) and are considered a lifetime achievement, especially when it comes to big corporations (examples include Jack Welch, Carly Fiorina and Charles Coffin of G.E.).

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