November is National Adoption Awareness Month, a time to be thankful for the joys adoption has brought to countless families and mindful of the many foster children in this country still waiting for families to call their own. If you or someone you know has been fortunate enough to build a family through adoption, now is the perfect time to celebrate.

Welcome a new baby home or mark the anniversary of the day a child’s adoption was finalized with something extra special: a handmade, personalized gift made just for them.

What type of gift is perfect for a new mother who finally has the long adoption process behind her? Why not give her a tangible reminder of the child who made her a mom by having a piece of jewelry created just for her. A necklace that features the hand-stamped name of her child on a hammered sterling silver disc is sure to be cherished. Make the necklace even more personal by asking the artist to add a swarovski crystal in the color that corresponds to the month the child was born, or the month he joined his permanent family. Another option is a sterling silver pendant hand-stamped with the phrase “Born in My Heart” and accompanied by a stylized heart carrying the child’s name. Or, for a new mother who just completed the rigorous adoption process, choose to create a bracelet that captures her experience through sterling silver charms: an envelope to represent all the paperwork, a globe to represent her child’s birthplace, a suitcase to represent traveling to meet her child. No matter what piece of jewelry you select, it becomes a cherished keepsake when you personalize it with a name, a phrase, or a date.

If you’re looking for a gift that will be appreciated by every member of the new family, consider personalizing a ceramic plate with the baby’s name and arrival date, the colors and pattern of your choice, and a phrase such as “A Great Joy Has Come!” If the occasion is not a new adoption but rather the anniversary of the day a child’s adoption was finalized (sometimes referred to as Gotcha Day), personalize a ceramic plate with the phrase “Family Is Created in Our Hearts” or simply “Happy Gotcha Day!” Even something as simple and inexpensive as a picture frame becomes a one-of-kind gift when it is hand-painted and decorated with a child’s name, a birth date, or a Gotcha Day date.

For a more elaborate gift, consider giving that special boy or girl an original piece of art to celebrate his or her Gotcha Day. With direction from you, an artist can create a whimsical painting that depicts the child with his or her parents. Add a favorite saying or quote plus the child’s name and Gotcha Day date and you have an extraordinary gift. Or, go the edible route and celebrate a new adoption or a Gotcha Day with a box of personalized, hand-decorated sugar cookies. An assortment of seven cookies can include miniature replicas of the new parents and baby (you specify things like hair color and complexion when ordering) as well as a heart with the baby’s name on it. Delicious and unique, cookies this special make a great gift!

Adoption marks a very special time in the life of a family and should be celebrated with a truly special gift. For a complete selection of unique, handmade, personalized gifts perfect for welcoming a new child or celebrating a Gotcha Day, visit today.

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