What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a health-friendly cannabinoid that is naturally found in cannabis. It is found in cannabis plants that contain marijuana, flowers, seeds, and stem parts. The cannabinoid is one of more than 400 compounds found in the cannabis Sativa species.

Cannabidiol is no longer a little-known molecule. It is now a potential breakthrough therapeutic aid and nutritional component. Unlike other cannabinoids in cannabis, there is far more cannabidiol available, which makes it quite easy to extract from cannabis plants.

“CBD certainly helps treat many health problems or illnesses, but the market is full of low-quality products. And that's the problem. ICCI Prague - International Institute for Cannabis and Cannabinoids.

The ICCI report released last year, along with other reports on the CBD market, states that many products do not contain the correct amount of CBD, provide incorrect product information, or contain other complex substances.


CBD Cleanliness

Many products on the market provide incorrect or unusual information about the true content of CBD. We think this is very important because the correct dosage is crucial for any treatment. The only exact amount in a true dose in milligrams. For example, 10% CBD oil is a 10ml bottle weighing 9.7g (oil is lighter than water), so 0.97g CBD = 970mg CBD. 5% CBD Oil, 10 ml bottle contains 0.485 g CBD = 485 mg CBD. That is why NaturalLine products have exactly the right amount of CBD. Learn how CBD Oil is made.


CBD Oil Quality

Because CBD is made from plant material that is never the same, it can be difficult to achieve consistent product quality. However, any treatment requires constant quality. Therefore, each batch of CBD oil should be examined and approved by the appropriate authority.

This is why every batch of CBD oil is analyzed by an EU certified body. Only in this way can we ensure the consistent quality of CBD oil.


Safe THC Level

The level of THC in CBD products may vary with the plant material extracted. The EU THC limit is 0.2%, but some products on the market are above this level. This can be a problem as such a product becomes illegal in the EU market.

We always check THC levels below 0.2%. Cannadorra CBD Oil is a registered dietary supplement based on EFSA 2015 (European Food Safety Association), which establishes a safety margin for THC in foods.


Maximum CBD Bioavailability

In some cases, CBD oil based on crystalline biological solution in oil may be chosen, but plant extract is always better for a full spectrum of substances. However, it is also important that it is bioavailable, i.e. how the body processes CBD.

Sometimes, up to 90% of CBD intake can be excreted in the urine with high CBD oil intake. Due to ongoing research and development in the field of CBD and cannabis, the blend of alcohol and CO2 production has been shown to show the highest concentration in the human body.

Online sales of all cannabidiol products, review

The legalization movement and health reasons have led to an increase in demand for medical marijuana. Therefore, there are many people who need alternative sources of cannabidiol. Because cannabidiol is a natural element in cannabis, which is legal, cannabidiol supplements have become highly sought after.

Cannabidiol supplements are freely available on the market online, and can be offered as health supplements for all ages, as well as a variety of beauty and skin products.

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