Carton packaging plays a vital role in ensuring that articles reach its destination safely. When a contract is accepted by a packaging industry, it is their responsibility to develop packaging that will keep products safe and away from fragility. Now, how do they ensure it? Well, carton packaging is not limited to specific types. There are as many packaging forms as the product itself and each of them has specific purpose. Packers select one of those forms considering the type of product to be packed. Few of the commonly followed carton packaging types are mentioned below:

Five panel wraps: As the name suggests, it has five sides or panels. A whole large cardboard is bent to create five panels. Made from single cardboard, the boxes are used to pack longer products like hockey sticks, golf sticks, wickets, bats, tennis rackets, etc. Because of their unique design they are also called "smarty boxes".

Full overlap cartons: This packaging style comprise of single piece of cardboard, where an out flap is left longer so as to cover and overlap the complete width of the box. These are quite feasible for narrow boxes for rough handling.

Telescoping box: To create telescopic box, two individual panels are used. One of them forms the body, while the other creates the lid. The top part which forms the lid is designed to make it sturdy and to make the box tight and compact. Telescopic boxes are not made from normal cardboards, makers of carton use corrugated cardboard. These cartons are sealed using adhesive and staples.

Slotted cartons: Carton packaging industries usually make slotted cartons for storage or shipping purposes. Corrugated cardboard are commonly used to create these boxes and like telescoping boxes, these too need to be secured with staples and tapes. Production of these boxes is quite cost effective. Furthermore, they are practically useful and are strong enough to protect the content, thus ensuring safety of the product. Unlike other cartons slotted carton packaging is not designed accept printing part.

Nested trays: To save the space in the desk these trays are quite useful. Nested trays are open boxes in a shape of tray to boost the space in a work table. These are often demanded by the offices or workplaces where magazines or documental products have to be packed or store.

Counter-top displays: As these are meant for counter displays, carton packaging industries design these boxes with customized printing.

Suitcase boxes:These boxes resembling suitcase are actually die-cut corrugated cardboard boxes. Their incorporated handle and self-closing feature separates them from the rest of the peers. They are commonly designed for purposes like conventions and tradeshows. However, they also prove to be a good promotional gift as they are highly functional.

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