If carpets cleaned incorrectly or without the proper tools they can result in a lingering mildew carpet smell. Unfortunately, set-in scents of mold and mildew mean the carpet was not properly cleaned in the first place and will need to be recleaned.

Renovco recommends some ways to learn more about the importance of high-quality, professional, hot water extraction carpet cleaning and how to prevent that mildew smell from happening again.

Why Does My Carpet Smell Like Mildew After Cleaning?

If you’ve cleaned carpets yourself using a rented or at-home carpet cleaner, or if you’ve contracted with a local company for cleaning and the carpets smell like mildew, something clearly isn’t right. In all likelihood, the solution used in the cleaning process was not extracted properly.

Left too wet, carpets can grow mildew, and even mold in humid climates, especially. This musty odor can take over your entire home. Not an ideal situation for any homeowner related to carpet smell.

How to Remove Mildew Carpet Smell?

A truly clean carpet will have no odor. If your carpet smells of mildew or mold after cleaning, it will need to be re-cleaned.

Trusting your carpet cleaning to trained professionals is the best way to ensure you have the cleanest carpet possible – free of mildew smells and other odors. When you hire Renovco for professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning you can expect our local technicians to:

  1. Thoroughly vacuum the carpeting using a vacuum equipped with high-quality filters designed to remove deep-set dirt and dust.
  2. Apply a specially formulated preconditioning solution designed to separate and suspend soil within the carpet fibers.
  3. Use a professional-grade, hot water extraction carpet-cleaning machine to deeply clean and thoroughly extract the water from the carpet’s fibers.
  4. Groom the carpet to restore its appearance.
  5. Provide instructions for maintaining a clean carpet.

How to Avoid Smelly Post-Cleaning Carpet?

The number-one tip to prevent and remove carpet smell like mildew after cleaning? Choose the Renovco team for home and residential carpet cleaning services. Our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) – the leading authority on standards for professional carpet cleaning.

We use state-of-the-art equipment, innovative technologies, and powerful-yet-safe cleaning solutions to provide you with a beautiful result every time. You deserve to feel proud of your carpet! At Renovco, we make your satisfaction our top priority. Schedule an appointment online or call at 613-727-7070 today to get started.

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Blerina Laska