Carpal tunnel symptoms are extraordinarily debilitating and can can even deprive an individual of rest, with the tingling and pins and needles feeling being so extreme that it may even wake a person up in the middle of the night. It's no wonder that lots of people are looking for fast solutions that will ease them of their symptoms immediately.

Among these solutions is the possibility of steroid shots to provide short-term relief from carpal tunnel symptoms. These shots are utilized to minimize the volume of swelling that takes place in the wrist which; this will take pressure off of the median nerve (the pressure that is responsible for tingling and general pain). Extensive research verifies that while this option certainly provides the patient the momentary discomfort relief that he or she is looking for, it falls short of being an appropriate solution for carpal tunnel in the long term. The swelling might subside from a round of steroid therapies, but it is very likely that it will return in the future, and with it, the uncomfortable symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

A current study was performed by doctors at Hassleholm Hospital in Sweden that assessed the long-term efficiency of steroid injection therapy for carpal tunnel. Published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the study made use of over 100 patients between the ages of 18 and 70 years of ages. Each of these clients was confirmed to have carpal tunnel syndrome, and none of them had gotten steroid injection treatment in the past. To carry out the research, doctors allowed two-thirds of the sample to be treated with steroid injections (specifically, methylprednisolone); data was collected by researchers roughly 10 weeks after the injections had been administered.

While the participants who received the methylprednisolone were less likely to report persistent hand, wrist and finger discomfort(especially the characteristic "pins and needles" tingling feeling), most of these participants still eventually required surgical treatment for their cases of carpal tunnel; 75 % of the patients treated with steroid injections needed to receive the surgery within one year of the research.

Still, that's not to say that steroid treatment is absolutely ineffective. Similar to numerous clinical therapies, the impact that steroid treatment has depends on the severity and history of the client's symptoms. Different physicians say that younger patients-- mostly under 30 years of age-- who have only experienced mild carpal tunnel symptoms have a much higher possibility of taking advantage of cortisone shots. Since the symptoms have not been present for as long in someone with a more protracted case of carpal tunnel, the pressure on the median nerve isn't really as severe. This allows the steroid injections to have a higher rate of effectiveness on the tissue.

Nevertheless, patients who are older than 35 will most likely re-experience carpal tunnel symptoms within about half a year after treatment. Although, these clients might take advantage of the shots in the sense that they will permit the physician to confidently determine the presence of carpal tunnel syndrome, and refer the patient to a local hand surgeon for carpal tunnel release surgery.

Your physician's use of steroid injections could be an efficient initial approach of treatment for determining the necessity of carpal tunnel release surgery. Depending on how you respond to the injections, your doctor can get an understanding of how much you'll benefit from complete carpal tunnel release surgical treatment, which is the very best method of long-term relief from this potentially dangerous condition.

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