Like a lot of avid carp anglers, I fish the entire fishing season as much in the winter as I do in the summer months; it was during a frustrating fishing session that I came upon this carp fishing by a random last winter.

After an hour's walk around the lake I managed to find the carp, found some probable areas to place baits once thrown out and freebies scattered in the same area, all that was left was to have a fresh brew and soak up the early morning winter sun. During the morning, I had carp activity in the places I fished, but to no avail, the carp did not have it, the bait I used was a proven homemade boilie blend that always worked well for me during the winter months.

What was up with the soft carp?

Later in the morning, a pleasure fishing friend showed up for a day's fishing and set off on the next swim for mine, at least I could have a good company even if I pulled my hair out!

While my friend was setting up his equipment, I made a very welcome hot tea. When he walked over to him with mug of tea in his hand, he was just about to finish catapulting some canvases around his swimmer. This is when I had a "bulb" idea - what about taps for the carp? They were used many years ago, but no one seemed to use them for carp these days. So, after "borrowing" a hand full of maggots from my friend, I thought I'd give them a go at a bar when I had nothing to lose. After scraping my head for carp fishing rigs to use the gulls, I came up with a rig on these lines ... it has since proved to be a great success this summer or winter.

How to make the rig - I tied a normal hook joint approx. 18 inches long, the hook joint was made of 12kg fluorocarbon line, the hook was a Korda hybrid teflon coated wide gap size 8, on the other end I bundled a size 10 birchley swivel chair.

Get a 2kg mono line length about a foot long and a 12mm cork ball. I simply threaded the length of the 2 lb line through the center of the cork ball using a sewing needle, tied a slider knot around the cork ball, cut off the short line hall, now I tied the remaining 2 pound line with cork ball attached to the eye of the hook and whipped the 2 lb line around the hook shaft, the distance between bending of hook and cork ball was approx. 25 mm. (this can be a little tricky with the cork ball in the road - you need to be able to whip it around once and knot it so that the 2 lb line and cork ball follow directly from the back of the hook shaft)

Now I picked up four tears with one hand, holding the tapered end of them, with my other hand I have a tube of super glue that I just prick on the fogs on the other end and attach them to the cork ball! Repeat this until the entire cork ball is covered with edges - this hook connection can be tied to any terminal equipment / lead weight of your choice. Now don't forget your putty weight, as this is a pop-up rig, place a small piece of lead-free putty or lead-free shot on the hook joint just below the hook eye and test it in the margin water, just so it sinks slowly once it's done, you're ready to go! You might laugh at this rig - but it definitely works.

During this winter session, I caught a 23lb mirror carp within 30 minutes of throwing out the rig! Also in the early morning, I landed a 25kg common carp on the same rig. Yes maybe small potatoes in today's carp fishing scene at forty pounds, but I've shown this rig to other friends and they've done just as well, a guy who really struggled at his venue used it and the second time out, the cork ball maggots rich 'over his bed of boilies and caught the lake's record!

One of the main reasons I think this rig works so well is that most carp anglers I see have their baits so close to the hook, and they have been doing this for many years now, the carp are learning very fast , especially the older larger monsters, this rig gives more bait movement near the hook, and of course it's something else the carp haven't seen, imagine if you glued pink edges to that cork ball what a sight - pop-upped right on the lake floor, blimey just irresistible to these delicate carp !!

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During this winter session, I caught a 23lb mirror carp within 30 minutes of throwing out the rig!