Communities are very helpful especially in an organization. Being a part of a community makes us feel valued, useful, and active as well. Being able to have a place you can belong and relate is also very vital as a person.Communities also bring clarity of purpose to its members that it helps them identify themselves and know the things they want to do. Carol Barrett Toronto knows how important communities are that is why she believes that it's better to build strong ones through compassion, generosity of time, and use of proper resources. If you are thinking to start your own community in your workplace or organization, here are 5 ways you would want to consider.

1. Distribute office news with a twist
To start a community in your organization you to make something everyone can enjoy and look forward for. Start by sending instructions or news in the office with a twist. Use colorful sticky notes, laced envelopes or even make shift rollers. This will create a sense of order or identity inside your organization that will flourished to something bigger. Communities have to start somewhere that is why, get something started.

2. Start up a charitable event
When your organization start up charitable events, you get to help people. With this, you can meet other people with the group of people you know. You can start a community by this good deed that will eventually make more charitable work in the future possible. It can be through connections you created by looking for donations or volunteers. This kind of events are very stimulating and enables social gathering as well.Charitable event will make your workplace into a much better place of giving and sharing.

3. Remember to celebrate anniversaries
Celebrating important dates can stimulate social gathering and bonding with your co employees. This chances can become opportunities where a community can grow. After knowing if the majority shares common interest, you can start a community based on that and kick off a place where everyone can relate inside your organization.

4. Carol Barrett Canada suggest to share stories
A community won't start if you don’t know the people you want to build it with. Try sharing stories and sentiments with co-workers to initiate bonding time. THis will also create a good relationship with each other by being able to know everyone’s thoughts about certain topics.

5. Top it off with friendly competitions
Carol Berube Toronto believes that having friendly competition will build a strong spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie in the office. Set up games and other activities that will let the employees join into groups and things as one. Being able to enjoy these activities can spark up a strong bond with each other.

A community is where everyone can relate and enjoy the company of other members. Your workplace is a very good place to start one. Know the ways you can create your own community and gather your co-workers to enjoy and have fun. You can even share and help other people through this.

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Carol Barrett Toronto considers herself as an active member of her community. Carol Berube Toronto believes that compassion, generosity of time, and use of proper resources can build a stronger community. In recent, Carol Barrett Canada is the host of an open format radio program entitled Ruby Slippers.