The San Diego area has a large senior population, and with it a variety of resources available for those looking for elderly care. As a loved one ages it's a good idea to start looking into options for senior care before the need arises.
A good theme would be how caregivers can help seniors living at home during the holidays.
HomeShare Program
One program unique to San Diego County is a program called HomeShare. This program is run by ElderHelp, through assistance provided by the San Diego Housing Commission and through the County of San Diego. It has been referred to as a "roommate matching service." The way it works is that the program helps match seniors who would like a roommate with those in the community who are looking for affordable housing. When a person using this program moves into a home they have two ways they can "pay" for their housing. They can either pay rent, or choose to provide services instead of paying rent. It's a popular program because it helps elderly who need care or financial assistance and provides affordable housing for people who need it. Placement is a comprehensive procedure complete with screenings and security checks.
Assisted Living
Assisted living facilities offer an environment designed with the elderly in mind. Layouts are easier to traverse safely and residents still get to enjoy a measure of independence in their own apartment or room while receiving the assistance they need. Assistance varies from one resident to another but commonly includes help with daily non-medical tasks including from housekeeping to meal preparation, and even help with bathing and dressing. While there are many assisted living facilities that provide elderly care in San Diego, many of them have a waiting list. If you foresee the need for assistance in the near future and you hope to live in an assisted living community, check to see whether or not the community of preference has a waiting list. If they do, get your name added now.
Short-term Respite Care
Short-term respite care provides a break for caregivers and provides a temporary haven for elderly who need assistance or care. Respite care is a popular choice for those recuperating from an injury, surgery, or other condition that requires assistance. The following facilities offer respite care as well as independent and assisted living services in the San Diego area:
• Bankers Hill
• Emeritus at Clairemont
• Grossmont Gardens
• Deer Hill Estates
• Las Villas Del Norte
Don't Feel Guilty
Making a move toward hiring a caregiver, moving your loved one to assisted living or a skilled nursing facility is life changing. While it requires letting go of things as they were, that is not a bad thing when your elderly loved one needs day-to-day help. It's easy to feel guilty, but if you allow yourself to step back from the situation you'll see that making the choice for help is the right thing. Using the resources available for elderly care in SanDiego will improve quality of life and ensure their needs are really being met.
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