The coronavirus pandemic took everyone by surprise in the world, and the governments of several countries imposed strict lockdown measures. Due to this, businesses were forced to shut operations and what followed was a series of furloughs, leave without pay, pay cuts, and whatnot.
In a nutshell, a sizeable population in the UK and even globally, especially in developing countries became unemployed. Survival became very difficult for those living hand to mouth up until now and had no savings.
Fortunately, there are direct lenders in the UK offering to make their ends meet. These loans typically do not have any application processing fee, prepayment, or foreclosure charges on them. Another good part is you can sit with the lender to negotiate the interest rate and repayment terms on these loans.
There are many employment opportunities in the UK due to it being a developed country with a stable economy. One can easily start working and make decent money for his survival and loan repayment. Some of these opportunities are listed below:
• Waiter or Gas Station Attendant
Many UK students work on a part-time basis in restaurants as waiters and pump attendants at gas stations. For people who are currently unemployed, this can be an excellent opportunity to start earning.
Besides, a good part here is you don't even need to be highly qualified to do these jobs and opportunities are immense. These opportunities are in food joints like KFC, McDonald's, coffee shops and cafes, restaurants, spas, supermarkets, a bartender in a club, sales professional in a store, etc.
To get going in the short-term and not rely on loans to feed your
family, it better to do these odd jobs to survive happily without any liability. Of course, these jobs will not pay you a handsome five-digit salary but will surely help you sail through these testing times amidst this pandemic.

• Online Teacher
If you are proficient in any subject from school in which you are confident enough to disseminate everything you know, becoming an online teacher in this pandemic is a great career opportunity.
You can start taking online classes, all you need to put in as investments to start this profession is a laptop, and a broadband connection and you are all set. Also, if you possess any talent such as playing any musical instrument or singing or dancing, you can start online classes in these areas.
For instance: you can become an online guitar teacher or a dance teacher. If you need to buy any equipment or do any course before starting online classes, then its expenses can be financed by offered by direct lenders in the UK.

• Blogger/Freelance Writer
This domain will provide you with a plethora of work opportunities as companies are always on the lookout for talent to write for them on a part-time or freelance basis.
There are many such works from home opportunities in content writing, data entry, web development on online platforms like PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, UpWork, Fiverr, etc. You can create an account on these platforms and start taking assignments by quoting your project price.
If you have some coding experience, you can easily take up multiple development projects, or you are proficient in writing then take up content writing or copywriting assignments. You need a laptop, and you can start this in no time and earn decent money.

• Delivery Boy
People are advised to stay indoors, and thus they are missing dining out in restaurants. The only option they have is to order food from their favorite food outlets.
There are many food delivery start-ups, which you can join to work as a delivery person and make money and incentives up and above your salary on additional deliveries. You need a two-wheeler and a smartphone, and you can start working on the same day. The company you work for at times provides the delivery vehicle.
You don't need a post-graduate degree or any vocational course to work as a delivery boy. Not only food delivery, but you can also work as a grocery or medicine delivery boy or supplying essentials to the customers.

Fitness Trainer/Yoga Instructor
If you are a fitness enthusiast and loves to hit the gym regularly, this can be your money-making career option. You can start a YouTube channel on fitness and gym training and slowly gain subscribers and convert them to your clients.
You can conduct daily online fitness and exercise sessions for these clients in the future and charge money from them. You can also choose to become a Yoga instructor or conduct meditation sessions that people are very fond of in the UK.
People of all age groups and from many walks of life in the UK love to remain fit, and they need some guidance that you can provide and earn money from it.

• Online Influencer
This is quite trending these days as more and more companies are contemplating this mode of marketing their products and services. Instead of spending billions on a celebrity to endorse their products, they spend one-tenth of that amount in collaborating with online influencers.
You have to have a huge follower base of users following you on Instagram or Snapchat or other social media platforms. Brands will collaborate with you to advertise their offerings through your social media account. In return, they pay you a decent amount of money, making it a no investment lucrative career option which many youngsters are taking up these days.
Therefore, what are you waiting for, start adding more followers and friends to your account, create a separate page, if necessary to gain credibility?

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I am Jessica Rodz and an experienced author & I write blogs on a regular basis for different blogging platforms. While being in this field for so long, I am still hungry to gain more knowledge and also share it with my readers. My blogs are well researched and comprised of the latest updates so that one can relate them to his or her concern