Canterbury Cathedral is one of the famous and also the oldest Christian structure which is been situated in England. It is also the world heritage site so many tourist come here to visit this place and experience it in their one day tour. This site is been located in the region called Canterbury and the full name of this site which is been written in the history is the Cathedral and Metro political Church of Christ at Canterbury. The Canterbury Cathedral was been during the period of 1070 to 1834. It took many years to build this beautiful site. If you visit this place you can see that the architecture and the design of this site is been made in a Gothic style which seeks the attraction of many visitors. It is said that this church is been the Mother church of the Anglican Communion. Many tourists travel from various regions to experience this beauty of England. The population which are crowded here are in majority of Catholics but Canterbury Cathedral welcomes tourist from other religion also. Once you visit here you can explore it with the essence of spirituality and holiness. At the surrounding of this place there are beautiful natural beauties where you can explore. The traditions and cultures of Christianity are been reflected in Canterbury Cathedral. Millions of people come here to visit this place because it has been ranked as number one for most visited place. Inside this site you can find many spots which are spectacular. The height of the tower is about 72 meters and in length 157 meter, there are three towers basically situated.

Lindisfarne is another beautiful site to be watched in the region of north east coast of England. If you ever plan to visit this place then it is really a best option where you can have a wonderful vacation. While exploring this place you may come to know that it is basically a tidal island and it is also known as a holy island. The name given to this place is been referred from the old English name in which the meaning of Lindisfarne is island. Many visitors visit this place and travel down from various continents to explore here. Surrounding to this there are many beautiful natural beauty and are been preserved with stunning landscapes. If want to visit then one has to get the tickets which are affordable and according to the packages and groups one can know the charges of the ticket. The opening time to visit Lindisfarne is from noon to evening everyday in the week. To climb to this castle one has many facilities like a guide book or an audio guide, attraction of this place and lot more.

On this earth there are many churches to be found which are known as the holy place where one goes to worship their god and get their blessings. This churches are been a sacred site to man Catholics like Roman Catholics. The meaning of church means assembly. The famous four traditions which one can get from this place are the holiness, unity, apostolicity and catholicity. All the communist and the communities are been welcomed here in this churches where some believe and few don’t but some are truly orthodox in this church.

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