Can't Get Pregnant After A Year Of Trying: Having A Hard Time Getting Pregnant

Postponing pregnancy due to late marriage, career or any other reason has become a quite normal practice for young women today. What really most of them do not know that their body does not wait for their career achievements or any other goal. By the time you finally make up your mind to start your family you are shocked to realize that getting pregnant has become difficult for you now. Soon you start looking for sources that can give you information about how to get pregnant.

As I mentioned that once you are in your mid thirties or forties, your chance of getting pregnant is reduced because of several factors like aging and ovulation irregularities. There are several instances when you do not get pregnant easily despite trying very hard and despite being otherwise very healthy. This condition is normally referred to as infertility which is caused due to ovulation disorder, congenital anomalies, pelvic inflammatory diseases etc.

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Correct diagnosis and finding the reasons of infertility is the job of an expert gynecologist. You must consult your gynecologist to get yourself diagnosed. Here we'll get an overview of how to get pregnant if there is no major physical disorder stopping you from getting pregnant.

Nutrition - Make sure that you are getting enough nutrition. Eat high calorie diet, leafy vegetables, fruit and other natural and organic foods in ample quantities

Stop the intake of stimulants- Reduce the consumption of caffeine, colas, chocolates etc. Alcohol and smoking must be stopped if you are trying to get pregnant and want to have a healthy baby.

Exercise Regularly - Do not forget to take exercise regularly. It will not only keep your body in shape but will also keep you mentally positive which will go a long way in getting pregnant.

Make love at the right time - Make sure that your love making sessions are on or around the ovulation period (3-4 days before and after).

Spice up your sex life - Do not let you sex life become a chore. Experiment with your love making abilities and enjoy it. After the session lie down with your partner for at least 5 minute and let the sperms reach where they should go. It will increase your chances of getting pregnant. Use conceive cushion to enhance your chance of getting pregnant.

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Simple, easy techniques help you decide whether you want a boy or a girl

Whether it is the first child, the second or the third, couples would love to be able to pick the gender of the child they are going to have. A couple may decide to have only one child. A couple may have a boy and may wish for a girl or another boy. Having the freedom of choice is a source of happiness. However, is it possible to pick the gender of the baby you would like to have, even before conception? General probabilities are that you have a 50% chance of having the child of the gender you want. If you follow a few simple, easy techniques then the probability is even higher and you can pick the gender of the as yet to be conceived baby.

One tried out method is the Shettles method. This has its foundation on the fact that sperm responsible for a male progeny (with Y chromosomes) is faster but weaker than sperm responsible for a female progeny (with X chromosomes). Intercourse in specific positions carried out when the woman is ovulating tends to result in the birth of a male child. This is predicated on the assumption that the weaker boy sperm gets to fertilize the egg no sooner it is released. A position of deep penetration permits ejaculation of semen closer to the cervix and the motile male sperm to swim up to the egg. The missionary position is ideal. Intercourse 2 to 10 days prior to evaluation is likely to result in the woman conceiving a baby girl. Deep penetration sex positions like the doggy style, woman on top and reverse cowgirl techniques are said to favor conception of a boy. Shallow penetration as in the missionary position, the lotus position and spooning favor conception of a girl.

Dr Elizabeth Whelan's theory, on the other hand, goes against the Shettles method and states that if conception takes place during ovulation, then a baby girl is most likely to be born. She recommends sex 4 to 6 days prior to ovulation for a boy and 2 to 3 days if you wish to have a girl.

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Another practical method tried out with some degree of success depends on the food the woman consumes and its acidity level. High levels of acidity in the vaginal fluids are likely to hamper the weaker sperm that produce male progeny and a baby girl is more likely to be born. Foods that are alkaline in nature are more conducive to conceiving a male child.

The "O+12" method recommends having sex 12 hours after ovulation if you wish to have a baby girl. The husband abstains from sex a week prior to having intercourse. The woman uses several methods to be dead sure of the day when she will ovulate and intercourse takes place about 10 to 12 hours after ovulation.

Some base the selection of gender on orgasm. If a woman has an orgasm first, it will alter the pH levels in the vagina due to secretions, resulting in a more alkaline environment that is conducive to the Y chromosome sperm, resulting in more chances of conceiving a boy. When a male has an orgasm first, the pH level in the vagina turns more acidic and favors the X chromosome bearing sperm, resulting in the conception of a girl.

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Most of the questions that I get about choosing your baby's gender concern specifics regarding your regimen before you attempt to have sex in order to conceive. Occasionally though, I hear from someone who has already had what they hope is conception sex and who is, after the fact, trying to influence their baby's gender.

I heard from a woman who said: "my husband and I want to have a boy baby. I have had sex on what I think is my ovulation day. Now, what should do to make sure that I definitely get a boy?" This question concerned a boy baby, but the answer is the same for either gender. And I will answer both concerns below.

Most Of The Things That Help You Choose Your Baby's Gender At Home Should Happen Before You Have Sex In The Hopes Of Conceiving: Many people who are successful in influencing their baby's gender begin their regimen well before they actually want to conceive. They might start testing for ovulation weeks before they actually expect it just to be sure in their accuracy. They might start eating certain foods or using certain douches to alter their PH (which should be acidic for a girl and alkaline for a boy) weeks before they will actually attempt to conceive. And they might practice sexual positions long before they actually try to get pregnant using their chosen position.

If this all seems silly or over the top to you, consider that you really have a very limited amount of time every month where you can actually conceive the gender of your choice. The window is a little more generous if you don't care which gender that you end up with. But if you have a definite preference, then you need to be very precise with the few days that you have.

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Because for a girl baby, you're looking at having sex only before ovulation and only when you are acidic. For a boy, you're looking at the period of time when an alkaline PH meets the days after ovulation. As you can see, there's not a lot of time here, so anything that you can do to create the right set of circumstances before it's actually time to conceive will help you to be more successful. But taking action after the fact is often too late.

Conception Occurs Quickly After Intercourse And Is Set At Fertilization. By That Time, It's Often Too Late To Influence Your Baby's Gender: People sometimes will ask me what they should eat after sex or if they should douche after sex to try to influence their baby's gender. But typically, if you have already had sex (and hopefully have been successful and have conceived) then it is likely already too late. Changing your PH typically takes more than just minutes or hours. And, unless you're very lucky, having one snack or trying one douche is not going to be sufficient either.

I wish it were different, but by the time you conceive, your baby's gender is set. When your egg is fertilized by either an X or Y sperm, then whichever sperm is successful determines your baby's gender at that time. (X for a girl and Y for a boy.) This doesn't change no matter what you eat or which douches you use after the fact. It only matters if conception wasn't successful and you get another chance.

So to answer the question posed, although elevating your legs after sex and taking it easy can help to give you a successful conception, it really doesn't do much to influence your baby's gender. This woman would likely be disappointed, but she could always try again if she didn't conceive this time. And she herself admitted that she wasn't sure about her ovulation day. Testing instead of guessing can help with this also.

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How to jump start labor is a question many women want to know the answer to. If you are already full term and are awaiting that first contraction that signals you're on the road to delivery, you likely have been telling yourself to be patient. That's incredibly hard to do when you are anticipating one of the most important events of your life. If you are near your due date or it has already passed there are actually ways to induce labor naturally that might get you in the delivery room sooner rather than later.

Cumin tea is one of the ways to induce labor naturally that is commonly used in many countries around the world. Cumin is spicy and it fits into the idea that spicy foods bring on contractions. If you want to brew a cup of this strong tea just add a tablespoon of cumin seed to boiling water. Let it steep a few minutes and then add a bit of sugar or honey to help take the edge off the cumin. Drink this several times throughout the day. It can cause indigestion though so be certain not to drink two cups too close together.

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Pineapple may be one of the answers to the question of how to jump start labor. This seems a little far fetched but there are many new moms who will tell you this is one of the ways to start contractions. Many tropical fruits can be substituted for the pineapple though, including kiwi, mango and papaya. The natural enzymes found in this fruit are believed to stimulate the uterus so contractions begin. It's a delicious way to try to push your body into labor. It's worth visiting the grocery store and making yourself a tropical fruit salad.

Castor oil is one of those ways to induce labor naturally that pregnant women turn their noses at. It's no secret that castor oil is not pleasant, but many women believe it's what started their labor. If you do decide to take this approach you'll need to add the oil to something to ingest it. Some suggestions include fruit juice or adding it to vinaigrette dressing and then eating it on a salad. Be forewarned that castor oil does cause stomach issues and you may find yourself battling diarrhea. This isn't something a very pregnant woman wants to deal with so weigh the negative against the positive when it comes to castor oil to jump start labor.

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