There are lots of theories out there, and I read many of them after I was told that my body had symptoms of the big “C.”
Very few people know that the law requires doctors to first offer “standard of care,” which is chemo and radiation. Not until I said “No” to those options did the third doctor I went to offer another possibility. I was grateful to see that in Suzanne Somer’s book, KNOCKOUT, page 126, she shared a conversation with Dr. James Forsyth in which he verified that he needed “to chart that the patient refused conventional chemo” before offering alternative possibilities. That way he was covered.
I didn’t like the idea that the second doctor I went to said statistics showed that I might have only two years after I did the chemo and radiation. In Suzanne Somer’s book, she documents people who have lived 27 years after using alternative treatments.
Fortunately, the third doctor I consulted was more “enlightened.” He scraped harmful cells out of my bladder and gave me injections of a vaccine that is used for tuberculosis. As well, he sent me to a naturopath doctor who gave me IV’s of vitamins C and K to help counteract any negative effects of the vaccine and rebuild the body’s immune system.
I also changed my diet to mostly things from nature: fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains, and I “juiced” fresh vegetables at least every other day. Yes, I also added a small amount of chicken and fish, mostly salmon.
To keep a positive outlook during recovery, I did Tai Chi and Qigong every day and also spent time in prayer.
The curious thing that happened was that after receiving three blood tests that showed I was now clear, I met the second doctor who gave me the “bad news” that would dampen anyone’s spirit. He was coming to my “enlightened” doctor because he now had symptoms in his bladder that were similar to what I experienced.
Taking me aside he asked me what I was doing because I looked so well. I told him that blood tests showed I was now all clear, and then told him my daily routine. Later I wished I had added that perhaps he should reconsider giving people a “death verdict” and work on a more positive approach because emotions are crucial in helping the body heal itself.
I’m continuing my healthy lifestyle and am grateful for all the positive prayers from friends and family. It’s important to keep your light alive. There are answers out there. Suzanne Somer’s book KNOCKOUT give lots of good possibilities.

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Don Fiore is a Tai Chi - Qigong Instructor and Trainer who has produced several easy-to-do Tai Chi and Qigong DVDs so people can gain the benefits of these meditative movements. Sample clips can be found on his website