According to the Lie Detector Guru, former Federal Agent and Police trainer J.J. Newberry there are certain signs to look for that reveals untruth. For instance successful liars have a way of getting someone to trust in them. Moreover, it is a natural habit to look into the eyes of someone and to rely on how the person makes you feel personally. However, one cannot always count on personal feelings to indicate whether someone or something is right. Here are some things to look for to prevent being tricked into anything dangerous or costly.

Exhibit A:Body Language:

Speech- Pay attention to the speed of a persons voice as they try to gain your trust. Is it fast or slow? Does the voice sound soft, energetic, or honest?

Movement- Observe the salesman's comfort level. Does he move away or close to you? Does he seem nervous bouncing his knee anxiously? Does he use a lot of gestures or some?

Eye Contact- This is a sign of sincerity to show you that he or she is trustworthy. Is there direct eye contact or eye lock accompanied by a soft soothing voice?

Head and Shoulders- When the so-called best price is offered or false sincerity is shown. Does the person shake their head or shrug? Do you think you saw a flash grin? A Flash grin is known as the 'Dupers Delight' which is a victorious emotion lasting 1/27th of a second long. Meaning, the person thinks he has you or has you trapped in the scheme. This is something only a deeply observant person can spot.


Solution A: Play Along

Make Conversation- Always be hospitable with the person in question to make them feel comfortable enough to trust YOU. Yet, keep in mind all of the above to know who you are dealing with.

Voice Your Suspicions- After listening and observing, don't be afraid to ask important questions. Listen for evasions of your questions to prove the lie. For example, when speaking to a repairman ask if he is licensed. If he says they are in five counties or never had a complaint, beware of the liar within your midst.

Keep asking these type of questions to get him off guard. I can imagine once you get him in the corner he might visibly get very anxious or try to make you feel bad for not accepting such a great offer. He might even call up his supervisor in front of you on his cell phone to ask for the special on your behalf. For this reason I would suggest you to take lie detector test

Do not let yourself fall victim to a scam like this, because you don't know who you are up against. Some harass you, so try to avoid letting a salesman in. On the other hand, you could have someone check on the BBB and then use the evidence found to base your questions on to make him leave quicker.

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