Summary: Nine surgeries were performed so that a patient on kidney dialysis at the end of the line could have a renal transplant. (Google) Before we call this a modern medical miracle, let's take a closer look... .

With Obamacare's low rewards and a changing medical scene, we can expect a trend to surgery, much like Cesarean sections are done about six times more frequently now than when I was in med school 50+ years ago. ...

Medical literature supports renal function as a good indicator for heart risk, so donating a kidney to someone who may not have taken good care of theirs is a risk. EVERY operation has RISK and every person in that lineup of nine who got a kidney that wasn't theirs also got immunosuppressants so their bodies won't reject the kidney as foreign protein

With a suppressed immune system, there is a higher risk for cancer and a wide range of complications, depending on which drugs are used. Steroids can predispose one to diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, weight gain and malignancy.

While the biggest risk to transplant patients is from cardiovascular disease and the above factors of diabetes and hypertension, the second leading cause of death is cancer, and some cancers are 15-20 times more frequent in transplant patients on immunosuppressants in our “modern medical miracle.”

Because the transplant surgery was made necessary by kidney failure we should look at the causes of kidney failure. Nearly half--44% is due to diabetes and there are proven links for diet and diabetes.

Trained athletes tested diabetic after three days on a high fat diet. Fat makes insulin less effective. But most people will eat what they want and trust in the pharmaceutical ads the FDA allows.

Marcia Angell,MD, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine understood when she wrote, The Truth About the Drug Companies, subtitled, “How They Deceive Us...” Patients considering a renal transplant may want to consider information from the Cleveland Clinic website:

The same can be said for hypertension causing 27% of the renal failure. The great majority of high blood pressure is caused by a high fat, high salt diet that makes the blood sticky, and alcohol also does this. Caffeine makes the heart go faster, causing the blood pressure to go up, but it wears off after a few hours, so repeated doses of caffeine (and a rise blood pressure) get a person through the day. Caffeine is like Russian roulette—sooner or later it can give you one or more of a dozen problems—sleeping, nerves, extra heart beats and arrhythmia, fibrocystic disease of the breast (a risk factor for cancer), hyperacidity and gastritis, risk of pancreatic and bladder cancer, osteoporosis, chromosomal damage with cleft palate/harelip, headaches. Pavlov called coffee Bad Habit Glue--it glues bad habits together.

Our media sells a party life—eat and drink as you please, and trust big pharma's lies to cure you. They may help symptoms, but you will die sooner. There's nothing like the original equipment that God gave us via nature. Prevention by taking care of ourselves is far better than some MD's drug Rx or surgery late in the game.

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