Can you afford on waking up from the bed one beautiful morning and wish you lose your sight just like that is a one million Dollar question that even quite an insane man or woman in the street will ever like to answer on the positive side and that goes to show that the most important part of the body without which the remaining physical composition of a human being is as good as nothing is the eyesight. The reason, therefore, cannot be farfetched why a huge attention is always paid to the two eyes by any normal right thinking person.

As a matter of fact there is no way we can ever equate the use of our eyesight with that of any other parts of our body apart from our normal breathing process and there is no gainsaying that all our daily routine activities are normally out of place without the proper use of our two naked eyes. While in the office and particularly when we are habitual user of numerous official technical gadgets like the computer, printing machine, photocopier, data processing tools just to mention a few, the eyes come first as the inevitable natural tools even before the two hands and that is the reason why these equipments are normally out of the reach of a blind person, that is someone that cannot see or whose vision is chronically impaired.

At home too when one is talking about relaxation like playing musical gadgets, watching television, playing computer games, there is no way you can enjoy them if you are suffering from bad eyesight or vision impairment even if you are a wearer of medicated glasses. Since all work and no play makes Jack or Jill a dull boy or girl, outdoor relaxation like jogging, hiking, horse riding, lawn and table tennis cannot be undertaken by someone whose eyes are bad to the extent of not being able to see very well even with the aid of good contact lenses.

Of all the ailments affecting the eyesight of so many people the most common is myopia other wise known as near-sightedness which can be caused by careless overstretch of the eyeballs particularly when you are a habitual reader of books and journals under very poor illumination and near darkness. If you, therefore, realize that you are straining your eyes before you can see things far away, it is better to see a good ophthalmologist. The only solution for you in this case by the eye specialist mostly is his or her recommendation of eyeglasses, contact lenses and Lasik surgery.

According to the medical records the next common eyesight ailment is astigmatism and in this case, the shape of the eyeball appears to be more oblong and induces two light points instead of one and this affects the retina in one way or another. If, at a point, you realize you are suffering from blurred vision and constant headaches then you are a victim of this ailment so there is no way you will not be in inevitable need of new contact lenses so the next person to see right away is your doctor.

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