Question: I have a question about solving the problems by just imaging them dissolved. Could you elaborate on that? I am fascinated by that. I really like the idea.

Divine Mother: I want you to know that problems are energy that is no longer serving you. It has become a problem. If an energy is no longer serving you in a certain form, it is necessary to dissolve it, and allow a form of energy that does serve you. So that's why I have suggested that you dissolve the energy of your problems. I want you to experience the results. I don't want to give you any predictions. I want you to see what happens.

You just bring your attention to the problem and start dissolving it. Every problem has an energy, a flow. If it has become a problem, you need to dissolve that energy. Then you will see what happens to that problem on the surface of your life.

This is what I will not predict for you, because I want you to be innocent and receptive. This will be an experiment. You will all do this experiment, and I'm going to be watching. I will help you dissolve the energy of the problem if you need some help. This is just reminding you that you are not only the creators, you are the dissolvers. You can dismantle. Those of you who have been using the prayers know all about dissolving energy. Now I want you to be more subtle in terms of the focus of your attention, and dissolve just with your focused attention and intention.

You can see energy on the subtle. Just look at it. Bring your problem in and look at it. You will see the energy. Then start dissolving it. If you don't see it, you will feel it or know it. It doesn't necessarily have to be on the level of sight. This is how you will perceive subtle energies. We use the term “see” on this planet, but you could feel it or know it. Everyone perceives subtle energies differently.

Some people have tasted light. Different colors have different tastes. You can do this. Think of red, then reference your sense of taste. Now think of yellow, and reference your sense of taste. Now think of the color pink and reference your sense of taste. Are you noticing different flavors? It may be subtle. You are experiencing subtle tastes. It is not like the sugar on the tongue. It is subtle, but it is real in that subtlety. Trust yourself. You have magnificent senses.

Getting back to the dissolving of the problems, maybe you will feel the problem dissolve. See what works for you. I am interested in how you experience the dissolution of the problem on the subtle and then how it appears on the surface. Be innocent. Your innocence is your most powerful method of learning anything. So I want you to be innocent.

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