Can you cure cancer using the mind?

The answer is yes, but first we need to understand what cancer is. Cancer is a word or a label and when we use it, we recall our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions about cancer and what it is. It is easy to think when you are talking to another person about cancer, that we both know what cancer is and we both have the same perceptions.
We can see that cancer is a disease and it can lead to death, now this statement is true but it leaves out much vital information and this information is necessary to heal cancer and be cancer free and healthy.

What is a disease?

Disease is our body’s reaction to stress. Stress is any irritant, stimulus etc that can be of physical, nutritional or emotional origin. Stress is simply, something that the human body perceives as a threat to its survival. We are bombarded continually by stress and we continually react and neutralise that stress. We can acknowledge we have an acute illness, when the symptoms of our reaction to stress are severe enough. Within a relatively short amount of time however, we finally neutralise the stress and we are back into a state of health.

If we do not neutralise the stress, then we can say we have a chronic illness or disease and this means that we are continually reacting to the stress and the stress is still present. Therefore the body is vainly trying to heal but to no avail. This can be because the body is in a weak state and has little energy or capacity or the diet is such that there is a constant stream of toxins being absorbed into the system, and inflammation from food intolerances or most likely there is the constant and insidious emotional stress which has been going on for years.

When cells heal a wound they perform like cancer cells, these cells, like cancer cells are your own cells doing a job of healing wounds caused by stress. The wounds cancer cells are healing are usually emotional wounds.

Can I remove the cause?

There are many different types of cancer depending on whether the cause is primarily physical, nutritional or emotional. You see, your self healing system can heal your cancer, this incredibly powerful process has the potential for you to heal and be healthy. The problem is that the disease process is still operating and most people look for cures or actions that assist the healing process. It is vital to STOP the disease process, for then the healing process will return you to health quickly. There is no point in trying to combat or kill the cancer cells, for the cancer cells are already trying to heal an irritant. That is, cancer cells are healing cells. Let’s look at an example in nature. An oyster accidently gets a grain of sand embedded in its flesh and the oyster cannot rid itself of that grain of sand, try as it might. So what can it do? If it does nothing, the pain from the irritating grain of sand will slowly kill the oyster. The pain has to be diminished and the irritant soothed. The oyster cleverly builds a mucus wall, around that irritating grain of sand but as the irritant is still there, the healing continues and gradually a beautiful pearl forms. This is cancer of the oyster and this process continues till the oyster dies from the growth of the pearl. We see the beautiful pearl but not the grain of sand, the cause. If we could remove the grain of sand from the pearl, then the pearl building process would stop and the pearl would shrink and disappear.

Our cancer is the same and we fail to see the cause (stress). To remove the emotional cause, which is like little drips of acid constantly dripping and burning inside, we need to change the pattern that govern our emotional behaviour. This can be done via a number of techniques and as well as removing the stress (irritants) you will gain greater happiness and joy of life.

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Philip Martin is a Naturopath, Hypnotherapist and Author of “Life Patterns, the Secret to Emotional Freedom” and “The 5 Step Cancer Healing Process, a clear and defined pathway”