It is really important to know the type of mattress you are sleeping on, it answers all the uneasiness and wrenching pain you feel while you sleep or when you wake up. Now when going to shop for a perfect mattress, it seems like a task of a few minutes as there is no worry about the patterns and colors and fancy designs. It is just about the softness and getting the right size for your bed right? But that is not the deal. You should know all the types of mattresses and also what type suits your body and sleeping posture.

Innerspring is the most commonly bought mattress because of its affordable price and the fact that it compresses when pressure applied thus perceived to be most comfortable. But innerspring is worn off soon compared to other types and is also most likely to make squeaky noise on movement once it gets old.

It is a foam widely used in travel and medical services like hospitals, airplanes, etc. Because of its amazing affordability and super soft cushioning that aids in the relief of pressure points and spinal alignment, these foams are surprisingly popular.

Because of a setback of memory foam, these gel foams were introduced. Memory Foam tends to get warmer because of lower air passing thus making it difficult to have a peaceful sleep and that is when gel foams were introduced. The gel inserted in the foam adapts the temperature of the thing on it and is more likely to be cooler at night for you to have a peaceful sleep.

It is not quite different from the memory foam as it is also designed to relieve pressure however it’s less bouncy so it’s totally the buyer’s preference which one he goes for.
Further foam categories are just the blend of these types and are customized to the needs of customers. Hybrid, waterbed, pillow top and poly foam to name a few. For instance, if a person wants the cooling effect and yet a bounce comfort so they can go for the hybrid foam which has an innerspring base and an infused gel foam with memory foam or latex on top.

And now coming to an economic choice in mattresses.

The name itself explains that the mattress is foldable thus has easy handling and is portable hence perfect for traveling, camping or even when guests come over. Head over FoldUpMattress for more information about this type of mattress. Now let’s see the reasons why it has been entitled as the economic foam.

• Light in weight.
• Portable so the best option if you suffer from any back problems.
• Easily adjustable anywhere.
• Comparatively cheaper than the regular ones.
• They are multipurpose such as can be used as a seater in the lounge.
• A great option for younger kids so that they can easily roll over or bounce on it.
• Equally comfortable and durable.
• A good accommodating option when guests are staying.

• It can get dirty if kept in direct contact with the floor.
• Also, creepy crawlies could get to your floor but that is only the problem with homes without proper pest control.

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