Your better-half can make or break your life; and vice verse is as true...

Some people believe that marriages decision and marital circumstances are made in heaven… others believe it's our own creation. So what is the formula for staying
happy in married life?

Value Your Partner's Emotions
The main thing a professional Relationship Advice or Marriage Counseling process may do to you is an attitude change regarding prioritizing: in order for you to feel happy and great in your relationship you should first make your partner feel special. Give before you get; give in order to get. Happiness of your spouse is the foremost thing. The rest would follow.

Clashes nowadays have become quite common thanks to various factors: massive exposure of sexual stimuli, difference in views regarding 'commitment', independent lifestyle and rigid ego that blocks compromises. Since marriage / committed relationship is a major part of our lives, effective Relationship Advice or Marriage Counseling become a wide spread service among us. If you are also feeling that you are reeling under strained
relationship…definitely there is a way out. If problems are there, solutions do also exist. Effective Marriage Counseling and a bit of patience by both sides can do wonders!

Here are some practical things you should follow in order to transform a struggled life into a long lasting happy moment:

The 'DO' Spending Time with Each Other Nowadays, everybody is just juggling up between different responsibilities of career and home. Rather than spending time with family too many of us are putting in more efforts
in career. No doubt, career is also important but you need to make a balance here.

Continuation of this phase over long time leads to neglect, lack of communication, depression and many other problems. So be aware about the correlation between how much busy you are and how much tensed your relation is going to be… don't let time and career's emotional dedication gaps crop in. Talk with your partner, practice intimacy, embed quality moments into your routine or just even hug when you meet after a long day… loving a person when he/she least deserves it is the best way to pep up a relation.

The 'DON'T' Control Your Anger No doubt, anger is a big monster!!! If your temper goes from 0 to 10 in no time, beware… this nature can spoil the relationship. Though you may not realize that, your physical actions and expressions undergo a significant change when you are angry. Rather than getting boiled, it's wise to discontinue the discussion with your partner; re-start when you both calm down.

You must have noticed when two people are in love they talk to each other in a very slow volume… even whispering is sufficient that time. But when two are in anger, they shout at each other as if there is a physical barrier between the them.Why does it happen? Because mental difference crop up when you are angry…So, here are two simple but good steps to follow when differences come in the relationship: either discontinue the discussion or make sure your voice stays calm and relaxed. Just try it and you will feel the difference!

So… practice this 'DO' and 'DON'T' Relationship Advice in
real… Try and share your experience with others also!

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Dr. Joseph Abraham, Director, Center for Human Growth and Business Insights, Mechanicsburg, PA Tel 717-943.0959 A Psychologist and Online Life Coach: Marriage Counseling and Relationship Advice provider. Life Coach And Relationship Advice And Online Counseling