There are a lot of infertile women in life. They have tried a lot of medicine but gained nothing. There are many factors can lead to infertility, including the female weight.

Being too thin always makes females weak and fragile, and their vulnerable body may not hold the task to conceive a body. While being too fat is many female's trouble, and clinically, obesity can take the blame for infertility in women.

Why is that?

Obese women are at a much higher risk of infertility than women with normal weight. When they are obese and planning to have a baby, doctors always recommend that they are supposed to lose weight first, so that they can get their weight back in the normal range before getting pregnant. Because obese women have accumulated a lot of fat, and fat deposits a lot of sex hormones, which makes the body unable to play the function of sex hormones normally.

In this situation, it will affect woman's sexual desire. If there is less or no sexual desire, the experience of sexual intercourse will be affected as well. As time goes by, women will be more difficult to get pregnant. Additionally, that obese women accumulate a lot of hormone inside body can affect their hormone level and disturb endocrine activities.

You should know that the menstruation and the ovulation are associated with endocrine. If the endocrine activities are out of order, the natural menstrual irregularities will occur, thus accompanied with ovulation disorders, resulting in no ovulation and infertility.

In rare cases, obese women may get a chance to get pregnant via some medical interventions. But due to their abnormal weight, they are still facing the risk of premature delivery or miscarriage. Sometimes, the baby may be born with a disability, such as vision problems. Therefore, if you really want to have a healthy baby and a happy family, you should try to make your weight normal.

But don't push on yourself too hard. No matter what your goal is, to enhance weight or lose weight, you should do it through scientific methods. For obese women, healthy food and appropriate exercise can be helpful. Losing weight is not a overnight thing. You should always keep on it with your positive mindset and suitable plan.

By the way, for average women, if they are also suffering from infertility, there are some problems that they should notice.

1. Poor egg quality

If women often drink, smoke and stay up late, the eggs will tend to be of poor quality. Doctors point out that, poor-quality eggs, even if successfully combined with sperm, will not be able to successfully get implanted after entering the uterus, and the implantation during the development process will be prone to many problems, resulting in miscarriage at times.

Therefore, if women want to get pregnant, they need to pay attention to daily habits at ordinary times. Give up on smoking and drinking in time, and develop a good habit of going to bed early every day.

2. Having a disease

When women suffer from endocrine diseases, ovarian diseases and uterine diseases, their chances of getting pregnant are reduced. Because these diseases can affect the health of the egg, or damage the environment in which the fertilized egg develops, so that the fertilized egg cannot grow and develop smoothly.

Besides, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis and other problems can lead to blocked fallopian tubes, which can also result in infertility in females. In this situation, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can be used to effectively treat the tubal blockage caused by inflammations and related problems. Moreover, it can enhance the female immunity and self-healing ability, enabling them to develop a better physical status to conceive healthy babies successfully.

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