Buying a home of their own is a dream of many; it not only gives a roof to your head but also serves as an asset in times of severe need. It is a kind of investment that can benefit you in the longer run. A home, when you buy or build, its cost price is different from what the market price would be. So using home equity serves a lot of solutions to mankind.

What are the reasons for Refinancing a Home Equity Loan?

To get Lower monthly payments: Lowering the monthly payment can be done by getting a lower interest rate or making smaller payments over a long time.

Securing a lower rate: The main objective is to get a lower interest rate on your loan. With an exceeding monthly expenditure, it becomes quite a hassle for someone to pay a higher interest.

Trying out adjustable rates and fixed-rate loans: Home equity loans act as second-hand mortgages to the first mortgage. So the mortgage is quite adjustable or fixed in nature. Adjustable-rate mortgages are loans that have lower rates of interest for the first part of the term. The adjustment is made up and down the terms. At the same time, fixed-rate mortgages have more payment certainty.

More borrowing power: You could get a loan from your other premises or investments. It will help you in paying off your mortgage.

Calculations via. mortgage accelerator calculator-

The mortgage accelerator calculator for the homeowners to quickly calculate and pay off their house mortgage by making additional monthly payments on their loan. The operation of the mortgage accelerator calculator is very simple, like just entering the original loan amount, how many years are left for the loan to be paid off, the loan term, 

the interest rate charged & the extra amount of money to be paid each month. This simple method will give you the monthly mortgage payment amount in a few minutes.

How To Refinance A Home Equity Loan

The major part of getting a refinance is to know how much home equity you have. Few lenders may allow you to have as much as equity liquidated into cash, but you have to consider what more equity is left in the house.

A HELOC is a kind of refinance that allows you to have access to your home equity the same way a home equity loan does. The only difference is that it acts like a credit card for the first portion of the term. To replace your mortgageyou need Heloc, a kind of refinance that helps you survive substantial monthly payments. For example, if you replace your mortgage with Heloc for a supposed 30 years term, you can take up cash as much as you want with a very low monthly payment for the first ten years. Then after ten years, you are supposed to pay the loan amount at a larger price, or you can take up another loan to pay off the debts. The major difference between Heloc and home equity loans is that Heloc can have an adjustable rate of interest while home equity can have both adjustable and fixed rates of interest.

Difference between cash-out refinance and refinance on a home equity loan?

The major difference between Cash-out refinance and refinance on home equity loans are that the former is first loans while home equity loans are second loans. Cash-out refinances you in paying off your old mortgage and give you a new one to pay off. At the same time, home equity loans are separate loans from your mortgage and are added to your existing loan.


Refinancing a Home equity loan can be because of many reasons, be it for the intention of getting cheaper interest rates, lesser monthly payments or the want to borrow more money. You need to have a good credit score to apply for refinancing. Cash-out refinances and HELOC are options to choose from when you want to refinance.

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