When you consult an astrologer to discuss your life events, then the first thing that they ask you is your date and time of birth. But what if you have no clue about the most important aspects of horoscope-making? Is there no way through which you can know about your past, present and future? Will you never be able to know about the mistakes you have already committed or the remedies that can illuminate your life?

Now, you do not need to worry because the advancement of astrology has led to a method through which one can know about their life events even when they do not know about their date and time of birth. There are many people who do not know anything about these crucial details of their life. The role that these two factors play in the making of a natal chart is similar to the role played by the blood group of a patient who is about to be operated. The astrologer needs the date and time of birth just like the surgeon needs to know about the blood group before starting the operation.

But there is still one option that can help a person know their horoscope without knowing these details. There is a specific branch of astrology called Horary astrology (or Prashna Kundli) that deals with such cases where a person does not know about his/her birth details. It is a very complex field and not everyone can do justice to it. But now you can consult the expert astrologers in Delhi who will help you solve all your problems.

Astrology is a vast science that aims at easing out the worries of people around the world. Many people get depressed if they do not know about their birth details because then it becomes difficult for the astrologer to predict their future. The date and time of birth do make a difference in the making of the horoscope but it does not mean that astrology won’t work for the people who don’t know their birth details.

According to historical studies, there are specific time periods that tell us about the position of the planets in the different houses as well as rulers of those planets. The astrologers in Delhi NCR need to know about the ascendants of the person because it is through this knowledge that one interprets the successes and failures of one’s life. The moment at which a particular soul enters the universe is very important as it defines the life journey of the individual. It is through this information that the astrologer studies degrees, positions, transits, angles, and the horizons of the various planets in different zodiacs.

One of the most troublesome things is that when the date and time of birth remains unknown then the position of the moon becomes extremely unreliable. It becomes very difficult to judge and define its position and thus, it creates problems in interpreting the effect that it may have on the life of an individual.

There are many solutions to this problem and one of them is the rectification of the chart. You may ask the professional astrologers of Delhi to rectify your birth chart. In this process, the astrologer will ask you some questions related to the important events of your past in order to determine your ascendant. Although it is not possible to know about the degree position of the ascendant but still there is much scope if one identifies the ascendant. It is a complex procedure that takes a lot of time and therefore, one must be patient enough to wait for the astrologer to take their time and identify the ascendant.

After determining the ascendant, the focus gets shifted to studying the positions of planets and their aspects as well as the signs that favor them. Asteroids also play a major role in the making of a birth chart and can be utilized in determining the life events of the individual.

Once these things become clear, then comes the main question in the picture - the question that the person wishes to ask the astrologer to know about his/her life. The exact date and place of the question is used to make the ‘prashna kundli’ and after a thorough analysis of this kundli, the astrologer infers that the results would impact the individual in a positive or negative manner. Thus, we may conclude that even without the knowledge of one’s date and time of birth, it is still possible to predict the life events of the person through astrology.

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