Are you starting to see bald spots on your head or was the last time brushing a surprise to you because your comb or hair brush had more than a little hair in it? Is there anything you can do to prevent your hair loss or maybe even restore some of that growth back? That is the focus of this discussion.

The first thing to understand about hair loss is that even during the normal function of the hair system, about ten percent of your hair is getting ready to fall out/be pulled out. The problem begins when that ten percent begins to climb. There are many factors that come into play, perhaps the most obvious is the hormonal changes that happen as we get older. Another common reason is extreme medication usually given for a serious disease, such as chemotherapy given for cancer. A particularly stressful situation is also a very likely catalyst for significant hair loss, situations such as a death in the family, perhaps a job loss in an environment where finding a job is difficult, or maybe family problems such as divorce, or another likely possibility is getting through a particularly difficult illness or surgery. Hormonal changes that occur as we get older are obvious signs. The ones that are less obvious are hormonal imbalances that can occur even to younger adults. This is particularly obvious in women who are taking birth control pills or are pregnant or have recently given birth. These hormonal imbalances are also possible in men but typically result due to illness such as thyroid disease. And yes illness can certainly be a cause of the hair loss as well and in fact can be one of the first symptoms of an impending illness. This does not mean that if you are losing hair that you should immediately assume illness, consider if your hair loss can be traced back to one of the other causes listed here. This does mean that if you cannot trace it to one of the causes listed here than consulting a physician is a very good idea. Diabetes and lupus are especially common diseases that have hair loss as one of their symptoms.

After reading the above paragraph it can become obvious that some causes of hair loss will automatically go away and that hair growth will be restored. Chemotherapy is definitely one of them. Things that cause us serious stress tend to eventually become less stressful, such as losing a job or a loved one and even divorce. Getting through a difficult illness or surgery is an obvious cause that will just automatically go away and allow our hair growth to return to normal, this is also very true of pregnancy. Other causes are obviously quite likely to be permanent, but not the ones you might think. Diabetes and lupus can be lifetime diseases and as such hair loss may become as permanent as the illness itself. If you are thinking that getting older is one then you are actually wrong. In this day and age we have hormone balancers such as human growth hormones that can restore hair growth to normal. Thyroid disease is quite easily treated with a doctor’s prescription. Birth control pills are switched easily enough and if necessary stopped altogether, promiscuous sex holds dangers much more serious than getting pregnant, such as getting STD’s and birth control does not help with those (that’s not even considering the moral issue of promiscuity).

What can you do if you are stuck with significant hair loss permanently? The truth of the matter is that wigs can quite easily hide any sign of hair loss. In fact the technology of today allows such a perfect match of your scalp that even those that are the closest to you may never even realize that you are wearing a wig, unless of course you choose to disclose this fact to them. There are shampoos that will seem to fill in a balding head and this is especially true of specific hair issues where hair becomes see through. There are some topical solutions that claim to restore growth, however the reality of these statements is often debated and the lack of scientific evidence for these products make us weary of recommending them, however these are relatively new products so perhaps scientific proof is still coming.

As you consider your situation, hopefully you can realize that your hair loss is temporary and you can soon enjoy a full healthy head full of hair. If your realization is a frustrating permanent issue then it may be easier to live with this fact once you discover how little of an inconvenience that hair loss situation can be. No more spending thirty minutes every day to make sure your hair is perfectly right or flipping through your day planner trying to figure out where you can fit a hairstylist in your busy lifestyle.

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