All article spinners uploaded on the internet related to a writing category cannot be trusted. It all depends on the specific tool you are looking at. For example, are all the anti-virus applications available on the internet trustworthy? Would each one of them provide complete protection for your system? Both these questions would be answered with a “no”. Artificial Intelligence (AI) paraphrasing tools are helpful because they use proper decision making steps to scan through the content. After that, the material is rephrased and the arrangement is altered to give it a new fresh feel. This is not truthful for all applications as only a small percentage meets expectations.

Are you trusting the correct AI Article Spinner?

A simple fact is that all tools developed for rewriting content cannot be trusted. You have to be selective and pick the best application. The best way is to opt for a reputed one because majority of new paraphrasing tools come with reliability problems.
Here are two reasons why you cannot count on all paraphrasing software:

1. Distortion of content formatting

Do you know that certain paraphrasing tools ruin the actual formatting of the content? Once the rephrasing has been completed, the written material does not make any sense. When someone reads it, lack of sense is clearly witnessed. The main reason is the weak algorithm that these applications have. They randomly break certain sentences and reword them. In this way, the flow between different content sections gets broken. Submitting paraphrased content which does not have any sense is not an intelligent move. In most cases, writers depend on any randomly selected tool and submit the reworded content without performing a final check. This move backfires as all the mistakes are detected when it is published.

2. Incomplete paraphrasing is an issue

Some applications developed for rephrasing do not go through each content portion. They run through the first few lines and reword them. The remaining parts are left unchanged. From the writer’s perspective, this proves to be an unpleasant surprise when his content is rated plagiarized. It is important to be sure about the reliability of a paraphrasing tool before you start using it. Using a particular tool is a risk if each part of the uploaded content is not rewritten properly.

Article Spinner by AI Article Spinner– A top notch AI based option

It is a fact that some paraphrasing applications are up to the mark in every way. You can trust them as they produce rewritten content without any kind of ambiguities. Article spinner by AI Article Spinner is top ranked because of several advantages which it offers to the users.

1. Paraphrased content with perfection

Writers cannot afford to make any mistakes while paraphrasing the collected information. In case of mistakes, they have to face severe repercussions. It is not necessary that portions of the content may be submitted without rephrasing in an intentional manner. It happens unintentionally as well particularly when the tool being used has problems. This tool is a gift for writers because no content part is overlooked in anyway. Rechecking the content is a big hassle for any writer. No proofreading is needed because this commendable application takes care of everything.

Writing professionals should always remember that plagiarism does not get ignored or overlooked. For instance, if you are writing an article for a website, it will be checked before being made available for the readers. Publishing content without checking can cause major problems for the reputation of the website. It is a problem for the writer as well because if he delivers content without rephrasing, the trust level is lost. Rephrasing can prove to be quite tiring. This is the reason why writers adopt shortcuts while doing it. Rewriting content with a hasty approach does not work well. This tool acts as a solution for all tensions that writers have to go through.

2. Multiple content uploading alternatives offered

At times, writers save content in the form of PDF or DOC files. Do you necessarily need to open these files, select the content and then paste it for paraphrasing? The certain answer to this question is no. This paraphrasing tool has a direct file uploading option through which content files can be attached. It supports multiple formats (PDF, DOC and TXT). Bloggers and article writers save their files in these formats. It can be cumbersome to open each file and select the written content. With this paraphraser, you can avoid this time consuming step and upload the content file directly. However, if the file has any other format which is not supported, select the text and paste it in the rephrasing text box.

3. Suitable for students, academic writers and bloggers

The use of a paraphraser is not restricted to bloggers only and it comes in handy for various other users. Academic writers use it to rewrite thesis content and dissertation material. Students also use these applications so that they can deliver their assignments without missing deadlines. At times, soft wares are developed with a purely technical approach. As a result, they have complex user features and a lot of people fail to learn them effectively. In terms of user interface, this is surely one of the easiest applications you can get your hands on. You would not face any ambiguities in using it even if your technical abilities are basic.

Summing it Up

A good AI based paraphrasing tool can turn life into a bed of roses. It reads the content uploaded by the writer and then rewrites it without creating any grammatical issues. From the perspective of an academic writer or blogger who has to deliver top notch content in short time frames, this is very much a blessing.

Intelligent users are careful while comparing and picking paraphrasing applications. They have a clear idea that a wrong selection can create several complications. A good tool can rewrite content in minutes which is not possible for any human. However, a substandard one does not rephrase most portions of the uploaded content. Secondly it transforms the format in such a way that the written information loses readability.

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Asad Shehzad is an enthusiastic writer who writes on SEO and writing problems faced by writers and students.