There are so many heterosexuals out there with HIV that the numbers are greatly surpassing. Gay couples, fortunately for me, had HIV education. Before I came out of the closet when I was 12 years old, a guy in our church died of HIV. He lived in our house for I think two years before he died, and when people are dying, they come back to Jesus, and I'm like I repent, and I want to go to heaven and please forgive me, so it was a guy who was homosexual and his family rejected him.

This is a long time ago. I mean, people still read get rejected for being gay, but and Mother Church took him in, and our family with all seven kids was able to, I guess watch him and help him, but he died we didn't know he had HIV though my mom would have never let him live with us. If we knew he had HIV, all we knew is he kept getting pneumonia, and he didn't have anywhere to live.

So he died of pneumonia, and that's when we find out he was it to be positive and that my mom went batshit crazy, and she took bleach and bleached everything in the house. She leaves the toilet. She believes the kitchen thing she bleached every dish you know because of her babies, and I don't blame her for going crazy, but by the way, he lived with us for two years. If we had caught something, we would have caught it by now. he had HIV for a long time, not just the day he died. So we got it to be educated very young .respect yourself protect yourself is what I always say do not have sex without a condom and then share married how about that, and it committed monogamous relationship.

if you can't get married but committed and monogamous, respect yourself and protect yourself, and protect others, especially if you are one of those people that are like. I don't know what I have, but I'm sorry for getting destructive in response to your question. I treat every person I have a relationship with as if they are HIV positive, and I have dated several positive people. Still, I know it's a that I know it's not safe, and you know, and I have dated several positive people, and I have taken.

I guess a little bit of risky behavior like extremely passionate aggressive kissing can be risky. If you are kissing so passionately that the blood is drawn to your lips and your gums, that could be risky behavior, and I'm a bottom which is a much more risky position for HIV transmission, but again I always have safe sex.

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I will not have any people all the time. It's shocking to me the people that beg not to use a condom, and I'm like, no, sorry, you're not that cute. We are not that much in love. You know, for me to ike lower my standards and lower my morals to get with you, sorry Baba. It's not happening. You can leave, or you can put on if I can call them. You know I don't know you, I don't know who you've been with, I don't know your life, I don't know your stories, and I don't know, and I know for a fact that if you're trying to get me to have bareback sex, then you've probably tried to get someone else to do it too.

Therefore you can be carrying something and not even know it hashtag I don't want it, but as far as dating committed falling in love relationships.

Yes, I have dated and fall in love with, and I, well, HIV-positive again. I was very young, and I know that you know I don't blame people for their ignorance and fear. He's positive I can't touch them, I can't kiss them, I can't. Mom wakes up and gets educated HIV is only transmitted through body fluids, blood, and semen.

If you are not putting their blood and their semen inside your body, you don't get their AIDS. You can kiss them, you can hug them, and they can love you.

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