Cameron Diaz has launched a brand of organic wine called Avaline, and it’s already being touted as the best organic wine of 2020. Unlike most wine brands, Cameron Diaz Wine is being critically lauded for truly embodying its name — Avaline is one of the rare brands that use the word “organic” to describe the contents of the bottle rather than as a marketing gimmick.

Below, we give you all the information you need about Cameron Diaz’s wine brand — its background, production style, naming history, and primary characteristics.

Why did Cameron Diaz launch her own label?

Cameron Diaz loves leading a healthy lifestyle. She maintains a nutritious yet healthy diet consisting of organic and sustainable foods. She also happens to be a wine lover. However, she recently realized that the “organic wine” she had been consuming wasn’t, in fact, organic at all. When she dug a little deeper, she realized that all wines, even those marketed as “organic,” contain over 70 chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, and additives that significantly alter their properties. As such, most wines are essentially wine-flavored pesticides — not something you should be putting into your body.

Wine brands can get away with deceptive labels, ingredients, and claims because of the shocking lack of oversight and regulation. Furthermore, the word “organic” is so loosely defined and lacking in legal ties that anyone can use it. Cameron Diaz launched her own label, Avaline, to right this wrong and produced a wine that truly embodies the word “organic.”

How did Avaline come into being?

Cameron Diaz produced Avaline with her long-time friend and collaborator Katherine Power, whom she met via her sister-in-law Nicole Richie. Diaz is an expert at soil composition, microbiology, and all things organic. Leading an organic and healthy lifestyle is a deeply ingrained passion for her. Power, meanwhile, has keen business instincts and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Diaz’s idealism and Power’s pragmatism came together to form Avaline, the best organic wine of 2020.

Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power toured hundreds of vineyards around Europe, imbibing all kinds of wine and learning about the production. They took the best components and parts of various wines to produce a truly unique and organic wine brand. Avaline is truly a product of love and compassion — Diaz and Power even found the name from a baby name website. They wanted a feminine and empowering name to embody Avaline’s spirit.

What makes Cameron Diaz Wine the best organic wine brand of 2020?

Cameron Diaz Wine is genuinely organic, vegan, and transparent. It doesn’t involve unnecessary chemicals, pesticides, and additives at any stage of the production process. They don’t use Mega Purple to create that strong purple coloring that red wines are popular for. Nor do they filter the wine through egg whites and fish bladder lining. It’s clean and organic.

Avaline wine bottles come with clear labels bearing all the ingredients in neat, large, and legible writing. You can easily research the ingredients and the production process, so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. This ensures that Avaline remains accountable and honest.

That’s rare in the wine industry. And it’s deserving of all the buzz it’s been receiving.

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