The next evolutionary shift for women is clear: we are being called to cultivate our own power.

This is not the aggressive, dominating, competitive power of the masculine that has evolved our world up until now but the caring, creative, collaborative power of the feminine which is expressed through each and every one of us should we choose to acknowledge it.

What does this look like? For women, it is about taking our places at the table, whether it is the kitchen table or the global decision-making table. We need to step up to positions of leadership in all areas of our lives.

For men, it is about relaxing a little. Giving over some of the massive responsibility you’ve been shouldering for millennia. You too get to experience liberation and the joy of taking the time to explore and enjoy your passions.

It’s a win-win.

That is if both men and women are willing to let go of old models and old behavior. To move through the myriad of crises we are currently experiencing, this is a requirement. We need to make room for all our resources and all our creativity, all our talents and all our genius, so that we may find the solutions and answers that are so desperately needed.

Many women are feeling this call. Are you?

Here are the some of the signs:

■What you are doing is not fulfilling to you.
■You are restless, bored, knowing there is something more to life.
■You desire deeper experiences of connection and love.
■You feel the yearning to expand out of the box you are currently in.
■You feel an aching desire to use your gifts and talents.
■You hunger for more authentic self-expression.
■You want to have an impact in the world, to contribute in your own unique way.
■You can no longer tolerate the downward spiral that much of the world is experiencing now.
■You are just plain old unhappy and frustrated.
You feel stuck, not knowing what to do or where to turn. And then there is the fear.

Even reading this list may bring up fear. Acknowledging where you are right now is the first step. When you do that, you are able to move forward once you decide to. If you recognize yourself in the above signs, know that you are not alone and what you are experiencing is perfectly normal for this time in our history. And there is a solution.

The fear comes in because you know that something must change. And change is scary. Change often means a disruption in your life: moving things around, letting go of what isn’t working, doing new things that will take you where you want to go. Scary stuff. Out-of-your-comfort-zone stuff.

And for women, it also means becoming visible, stepping out of the shadows to shine your light.

But here’s the thing: you have a choice. You can be proactive and evolve yourself through revisioning your life and taking action to make that vision real. Or, you can choose to remain where you are. Or, you may experience the usual variety of universal wake-up calls: accidents, dis-ease, crisis, illness, disasters of one sort or another.

Pretty dramatic? Look around. How many people do you know who are being called to change whether they want to or not? What I propose is that the more comfortable you get with change and the creative process of life, the smoother life can flow.

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Author's Bio: 

Linda Hough is an international artist, speaker and creativity catalyst who has, out of necessity, become an expert in unlocking blocks. After twenty years of personal development, spiritual and artistic explorations, she has broken through her own barriers to create the life of her dreams. She is passionate about helping women find their own divine creative expression and take it out into the world. Her mission is to help women and girls see and deeply know how valuable they are and how much we need what they have to offer.

Through visioning and the creative process, Linda helps women discover their unique vision and awaken their creative genius. Because many people suffer from creative shame, she helps them move through the blocks that inhibit self-expression, building self-trust and inner worth that results in outer wealth in all areas of life.

Linda has a MA in Art and is a certified co-active coach. She currently lives in the South of France, spending time both there and in the U.S. speaking, leading workshops, conducting teleseminars, and painting.