Buying replica Chanel products just because they are good looking and make other people think that you own genuine Chanel products doesn’t excuse the fact that you are encouraging illegal activity. Here are some concrete reasons why you shouldn’t be doing it.

Why is Counterfeiting illegal?

There are laws against trespassing on the Intellectual Property Rights of others. Trespassing blatantly is what manufacturers of Chanel replica are doing when they manufacture products based on those of the Chanel designers. You may believe that counterfeiting is harmless. In reality it is anything but. Have you ever wondered why most of these products are manufactured in third world countries? Because, that is where poor people can be exploited while the manufacturers’ bank balance keeps multiplying. As for the quality, it is obvious that a lot of compromises on quality are made, so the price can be kept low. These knock off Chanel handbags are not made by trained craftspeople. So, if you are expecting quality because they are five star replicas, you won’t find it. There is no crime in that- expect, kids are sometimes forced into labor and more often than not, by way of payment they are just fed enough to keep them alive.

Chanel Replica Are Causing Global Catastrophe

This may sound overly dramatic to you. But you wouldn’t think so when you realize the full negative impact of counterfeiting. It is a fact that replica products are putting a huge dent in the economy of many countries. May be your country is one of those. Replica Chanel handbags are illicit products. Illicit manufacturers don’t bother with paying taxes. Considering how big the counterfeit market is, that is a huge chunk of money your government has to forgo. Every fake product sold is a blow to your government’s coffers not to mention a legitimate trader. Foreign Investments help your country and its economic growth in several ways. When people in your country keep trading in fake Chanel handbags, you make these investors wary.

Counterfeit Chanel Bag and Terror Organizations

What’s the connection? There are several investigative reporters who say the two are linked. Ample return on investment is what draws most manufacturers into this field of business. That and the fact, the risk is less compared to drug trafficking and counterfeit drugs. When you put together other facts like how poorly laborers are paid – some of them along with their families are bonded to their employees for life. Maybe you wouldn’t have bought that counterfeit Chanel handbag last Christmas had you known these facts.

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