Fine art photographers, painters, hobby artists as well as professional ones, not to mention art gallery owners all spend a great deal of time framing their works of art after creating them. Picture frames offer a traditionally great way to show off your artwork pieces, and allow you to hang them up or display them in a number of convenient and stylish ways in order that they look their best. Because you do your own picture framing, it makes sense to purchase picture framing supplies in bulk, so that you will have them on hand anytime you need to frame pictures or fine art photographs. The least expensive way to go is to buy hinging tapes and buy photo corners in bulk. There is cheap hinging tape available from quality fine art photography framing suppliers online.

Most artists buy hinging tape, and preferably cheap hinging tape, for use in mounting their artwork to the mount board. Mount board can be made of acid-free foam core, which is lightweight yet sturdy, and made of the same products that museums use in order to preserve their valuable artwork. The mountboard is the base upon which you place the photograph or painting. You will either need to attach the picture to the mountboard directly, your main reason to buy hinging tapes, or you can use the tape to connect the mount board to the mat board, and sandwich the artwork in between them. When you buy hinging tape, remember that cheap hinging tape is really all that you need, because the tape is never on display to the public, but instead is hidden by the mat and mount boards inside the frame itself.

When you go to buy hinging tapes, you will also want to buy photo corner products as well. You can buy photo corners that are made from archival quality products, and some that are completely clear as well. Many fine art photographers buy photo corner mounting products in order to ensure that the surface of their photographs does not get damaged in any way inside the picture frame, and to secure the artwork inside the frame. The corners are placed at the edges of the mount board, and then the corners of the photo are carefully put inside the photo corners, and all is hidden by the mat board on top. In this way, no adhesive comes in contact with the artwork at all when you buy photo corner supplies for this purpose.

So, for all these reasons, it makes sense to think ahead and buy photo corners and hinging tape so that you can stock up for your framing projects this year.

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