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Not too long ago, I discussed the United States' deterioration with friends of mine. I had expressed that we are no longer the world’s greatest country, and that upset them. As I presented valid reasons to support my thoughts, I started to realize that most of society feels the same way. They do not realize what is truly happening in the realm of mankind. At one point during our chat, one of my friends mentioned that whatever happens in our Nation’s capital does not affect her. I believe she feels this way because she’s a
Government employee, with a secure job that provides extensive benefits. Reflecting back on my life 15-18 years ago, I was not aware of the effect of government on all of our lives. We are so concerned about survival: paying bills, keeping food on the table, our children’s education, retirement savings, and other burdens in life. We don’t have time to think about anything else. As a matter of fact, we brush our thoughts aside and ignore them.

It feels like we are riding the Titanic and we are on a collision course heading towards an iceberg. If something does not change soon, we will crash right into it and our collective “hull” will be shattered. Piecing the puzzle together, we see the economy going nowhere. Sure, the stock market is up now but most experts believe that the market is a house of cards, ready to topple. Unemployment is also many percentage points higher than we are led to believe. The next bubble that could burst is the student loan program; which could end up as bad as the housing market. We are also losing the “war on terror,” which is costing us billions of dollars; and it is a shame no one in mainstream media is talking about it.

Today is the best day this country will ever see under our current, two-party system;it cannot get better, only worse. If you feel that I am mistaken, then ask yourself:
When was the last time we had a better day than the one before? I could go on and on, but what is the point? All of the points I have mentioned here have caused this mess. Now we have to ask ourselves: How do we get out of this situation? The answer is simple, but getting there is the hard part. The answer is “business”, yes that’s right; the one thing that politicians claim is evil—business!

In The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, the main character is a man by the name of Howard Roark. Howard gives a courtroom speech which sums up the reasons why America is not the best country anymore:

“Men have been taught that the highest virtue is not to achieve, but to give. Yet one cannot give that which has not been created. Creation comes before distribution – or there will be nothing to distribute. The need of the creator comes before the need of any possible beneficiary. Yet we are taught to admire the second-hander who dispenses gifts he has not produced above the man who made the gifts possible. We praise an act of charity. We shrug at an act of achievement.”

Business not only requires a wide integration of knowledge, but it is also the integrating force of knowledge. It is in the field of Business that various levels of knowledge meet and produce values that have never existed before. It is in the field of Business that Science and Technology bear their fruits and transforms our life expectancy and buying power to untold levels. In Business, Philosophy mingles with the productive sphere of conscious human life. Furthermore, in the current educational system, Business itself is seen as a specialized field, and taught mostly by professors who have never been in business themselves. In reality, Business is
not a specialized field, but a synthesis of other fields, including; which include philosophy, science, and technology. These areas form a system of value production that encompasses the entire sphere of human existence. So now it is time to choose: Do you want to live in a country where there is mounting debt with no end in sight? In comparison, on the other hand, what about a nation where a prosperity explosion occurs in business; due to drastically reduced regulations and a renewed focus on the American

Charlie Moore

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Charlie Moore brings 40 years of experience working in Business, Sales, Management, and Mentoring to the table.

Mr. Moore has trained hundreds of people in both sales and management. Quote, “I always focus on my client’s needs and wants; and being honest at all times, this always helps to build long term relationships.”

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You will find me to be one to get to the bottom line, in other words, to help you see and find the answers within you leading towards your personal successes. That is what a Life Coach should do. I will help you to follow your heart, to reach your goals, and your personal desires.

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