A‌i‌r‌b‌n‌b‌,‌ ‌I‌n‌c‌.‌ is an online marketplace for arranging or offering lodging, primarily homestays, or tourism experience. It acts as an interface between owners and renters receives commission for each booking. Without owning a real estate or a space, Airbnb proves the possibility of business in rental in the digital epoch.

Initially they have launched their business as “Airbreadandbreakfast.com”, later improved the usability and quality of the vacation rental system namely “Airbnb”. From the year of start, till now their motto was same. They wanna spread localisation and book space in reliable manner. One who plans for trip, should never get panic about stay and cost. Their ideology was liked by many and spread it across the world.

In the Airbnb the major activity performed by users are listing and booking. The host and guests meet at that points. Such a crucial part is made ease and user-friendly by Airbnb’s tech geeks.


Booking a space is the end process, but the thread starts from Search filters. Airbnb clearly segregate the listing with place, availability, type of listing, and type of booking , price and much more. With excellent search algorithm tied-up, the vacation rental system fetches our desirable listings from the segregated category. Then process gets completed by viewing the satisfied space listing.

Business Insights From Airbnb Search Filters:
As a new user enters in the home, the Airbnb welcomes the users with Multiple signup options. Fine, now the user will choose among

Stay – Vacation rentals / space rentals
Experience – Airbnb experiences are activities designed and led by inspiring locals
Adventure – Adventures is a collection of multi-day experiences hosted by local experts.
Restaurant – Reserve restaurant spots for some restaurants, pay for all or part of your meal ahead of time.
They have categorised each listing and shows only the list as per the desired picks.

Insight : Here they spread the rental business with innovative ideas and shown the rental market scope. They make users to feel seamless & enjoyable in a cost-effective way with the wholesome packages.

2.Type Of Listing
Second step, if the users choose “Stay”. Plenty of filters are available to pick out specific ones among a lot.

Business Insights From Airbnb Search Filters

Dates: When do the user wish to travel?

Guest: Number of accompanies in the travel. The user can clearly enumerate type and number of guests with their age and gender.

Work Trip: “If it is an official trip, don’t I will be there for you” Airbnb consoles the professionals with the option.

Type Of Space : A very broad category

Entire place – Have a place to yourself.
Private room – Have your own room and share some common spaces.
Hotel room – Have a private or shared room in a boutique hotel, hostel, and more.
Shared room – Stay in a shared space, like a common room.
Price – Most common filters seen in ecommerce sites also. Users can find space within their budget.

Instant Book : Single tap bookings, yes! it is possible with listing that include “instant book”.

Insight: A lot more filters to comfort the guest and ease the work of admin with perfectly categorised system. With “type of space” option the varied ranges of rentals are shown. Using them as core idea, one can start businesses like Airbnb quickly with best technical support.

For listing:

Airbnb Plus – A selection of places to stay verified for quality and design

Airbnb Luxe – Handpicked luxury homes with personally arranged services

For Host:

Superhost – Stay with recognized hosts

Insights: As like appreciation, the special listings & host are recognized with badges. This retain the existing users, encourages other users to attain the special status, also welcome new users to join the community.

4.Be More Specific
Amenities, Options on accessibility, Facilities, Property type, House Rules, Host languages helps users to find a space with much more options. They also offer unique stays like boats, trains, island, cave etc.

Insights: The system offers simple and varied required options to be precise on the listing they gonna book. Getting admired to the system usability vacation rental system can expand their community size.

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