In his book The Wellness Revolution: How to Make a Fortune in the Next Trillion Dollar Industry, World-renowned Presidential Economic Adviser and Editor in Chief of Success Magazine, Paul Zane Pilzer predicts that the Holistic Industry will be the next major force in business on the planet.

Today, over $1.5 trillion is spent in the health care industry by Americans who seek solutions to their health problems. Experts theorize that this year, an additional $1 trillion will be devoted to the purchase of products and services that keep Americans healthy, feel younger, prevent diseases from developing and increase happiness and well being. Pilzer writes: “We are starting to see the emergence of a wellness distribution business... a business of people who educate people about products and services that will improve their health and develop customer relationships and then people will go back to their distributor of that product for more and more information on food and health.”

For wellness practitioners ranging from massage therapists, to reiki masters and herbalists, it can be difficult to reconcile the artistry inherent in serving the health and wellness of others with the marketing and management savvy necessary to own and operate a competitive business.

As a former Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher, Carrie Reinagel knows how difficult this dichotomy can be. Although successful as a practitioner, Reinagel had a vision to create a niche market in the holistic industry that would satisfy the ultimate live/work dichotomy – supporting the wellness of others whilst creating a profitable, self-sustaining empire in the process.

To achieve this end, Reinagel spent 10 years cultivating her knowledge in many aspects of business development, earning credentials in passive income, holistic business, palm up marketing, leadership, sales, management and professional coaching. Today, as an industry executive running a half a million dollar company, Carrie Reinagel introduces her latest venture, BeWell360°, an education and coaching company comprised with a plethora of personalized services such as one-on-one coaching, group business courses, and complimentary multimedia seminars tailored specifically for health and wellness professionals.

By providing practitioners with the distilled education and tools needed to own a successful holistic practice, consulting companies are in high demand, proving that for the next generation of business owners, spiritual abundance and financial reward are no longer mutually exclusive.

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As an industry executive running a half a million dollar company, Carrie Reinagel has decided to share her wisdom and expertise to empower other health and wellness professionals to create the lives they really want. Through her education and coaching company, BeWell360° Carrie provides entrepreneurs with all the information and support they need to successfully build their own profitable health and wellness companies that operate as stand alone day spas and wellness centers, or serve hotels, corporations and individuals anywhere in the world!

BeWell360° consists of user-friendly programs and auxiliary tools such as books, templates, personal coaching, courses and systems to provide top to bottom holistic business support proven to increase your revenue, create jobs for others, and give you more free time – for fun, family, and for being of service to the family of man.

Peruse, learn about holistic business, and find the service package or course that is best for you!