A relic that just won’t disappear from the business world is the simple piece of paper known as the business card. Fact is, there is no reason this should ever disappear, because it is still the powerhouse of successful networking. Old-fashioned, yet very effective, many find in it a more personal approach on developing business relationships. But why is it still so popular? What makes people return to it, even if there are plenty of modern alternatives? Well, technology continues to improve, but these pieces of paper are hard to keep up with. Design companies work wonders in personalising their client’s business cards, so they represent accurately the company’s specific and services. But with one condition, more exactly, the card must be manufactured by a team of reliable professionals, that uses great techniques and creative approaches. A company like this is namecardprinting.com.sg and it is no wonder that plenty of clients have found here the answer to many of their marketing and networking questions. Frankly, quality is worth a lot when we discuss business cards, from the paper on which they are printed, to their digital quality. But let’s dive deeper into the process of using business cards as the most powerful networking tool.

Describe what you do, no matter how mundane it might sound

You want your potential collaborators to know exactly what your company’s dealing with. Describe what you do, no matter how boring it might be. But make sure you put it in an appealing and creative way. If you are not fit to create the content for your business card, maybe collaborate with a copywriter or a marketing agent. They are quite fit for such tasks and many can put even the simplest occupations into fancy or creative words. Wording is your sword and you want to use it wisely. However, even if you want to stand out from the crowd, make sure you don’t obscure your occupation in intricate words only because they sound fancy. State it simple, maybe funny. If the profile of your company allows you to do so, if it doesn’t and you offer very formal products, keep it formal. People just want to hear what you are dealing with. But as a general rule, the more creative the filed you work in, the more creative your card shall be.

Put your face on that card

Fact is, a face put a little more personality on a plain card. Business is based a lot on inter personal relationships and many find it easier to collaborate with someone if they see a face on that piece of paper. If one is presentable enough to show up in a meeting, they are safe to put their faces on a card like this. You don’t have to be a model to do so. In order to manage business networking successfully, you don’t want your business card to end up in a trashcan. And it has been proved that those particular business cards having a picture on them are less likely to end up there. Also, this will make it easier for many to remember who you are, since faces are easier to recognise than names are. Cut your potential collaborators the “How do I know you?” question, by making the remembering process easier. “Oh, yeah, you are that great web developer that spoke at the conference” is what you want to make your contacts think.

Make cards that are easy to write on

Many find handy to be able to take notes on one’s business card about the particular person. Meeting potential collaborators and handing them a business card is not always enough. You must make them practical enough so writing on their backs is easier. This way they will be more likely to detect from the hundreds of business cards on their desks who’s worth their attention and who’s not. And you might be surprised how many business persons find it practical to take note on these pieces of paper. Therefore, don’t consider laminated cards as an option, neither ones that are too shiny and hard to write on. Practicality matters in the business world and you want to be considerate.

Make sure you follow these guidelines if you look forward to rock those networking skills you aim to improve. And don’t forget to work with a great card printing company!

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Cynthia Madison is a young blogger and economics and marketing graduate. She writes about home, lifestyle and family topics and is a senior contributor to popular niche publications.