The essence of a comfortable and healthy living largely depends on how the structure has been planned. The professional designers, draftsmen, and architects leave no stone unturned during the drafting. Right from deciding where the windows and doors be placed to the number of vents, all play a crucial role in the entire building designing process.

When it comes to living in a dream home, the professionals who are into the service leave no stone unturned when it comes to designing the house that would meet the basic needs. By combining some of the pre-designed plan and the latest trend, the building designer in Sydney strives to introduce some of the features in order to make the house worth living.

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The following are some of the designing elements that when included can be a deal breaker:

1. Layout with Spacious Features

One of the important features to look out for during the designing of the house is the provision of space. In modern open floor architecture, the designer keeps every element precise. Therefore, the software used for design and drafting of the house ascertains a high ceiling with proper dimensioning of the rooms and halls.

2. Enough Provision for Storing Goods

Every house owner should always look out for all the possible ways that would ensure their house has enough storage option. Therefore, as a part of including more space in the house, the designers, at times, make space in either garage or some secluded place within the house.

3. Kitchen Area with Open Floor Design

Be it the entire house or kitchen, the open floor design concept has mesmerised a large section of the house owner. The renovation architects catering to drafting services in Sydney take into account those kitchens that are designed on large island with an option for storage and open flooring.

4. Multiple Bathrooms & Precise Master Bedroom

A house is incomplete without the presence of proper bedroom and bathroom. Therefore, every design includes provision for top-class spacious bedroom attached to bathroom. Apart from this, the professional architects also take into account the convenience in assessing the place within the house. Most of the designs of the master bedroom also include double vanity, space for guest without compromising on the living.

5. Spacious Outdoor Area

A house with an outdoor area is something that every house owner looks out for. The planners or the professional draftsman make sure that the design of the house should be such that there is enough space present in the periphery of the house. This helps in landscaping and gardening to uplift the look of the house. In addition to this, provision is also made to ensure that there is a pathway well decorated with the natural grasses and ornamental plants.


Comfort has always remained the top priority for the house owners. Therefore, the planners, architects, and designers cover all the possible aspects that would lead their design to the making of a dream house. Every key elements that define comfort is taken into consideration during the planning.

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The author is a reputed building designer in Sydney by profession. He also writes various articles regarding latest trends and tips on building and architecture.