Have you heard of floating decks? A floating deck is a kind of deck that is not attached to your house, hence the name, and they seem to ‘float’ above the ground! The floating decks are located so low to the ground that they generally do not need the assistance of any handrail or staircases for climbing it!

If you have an eye for keen decks and pergola designs then make it a point to give a sure-shot try to this one! These decks are very simple yet attractive and fairly easy to build. Adding a floating deck to the outdoor space, say our backyard, with an added pergola, an outdoor grill maker will surely give you a boastful place of recreation!

Necessary criteria of building a floating deck:

The professional deck builders of Sutherland Shire always follow the necessary guidelines while building such structures. These decks usually take less than 200 square feet of space; they are too low and approximately 30 to 35 inches above the ground level. Criterions such as non-attachment to the house and not located in front of any egress door must be strictly followed!

Best kind of wood for building such decks and pergolas:

When it comes to the choice of suitable material for your decks and pergolas in Sutherland Shire then always use pressure-treated lumber, a ground contact pressure-treated lumber will be even better. Such lumbers are great for building floating deck frames. This extra processing will protect the decks from deterioration as they are closely located to the ground.

Consider redwood and cedar as the prime choice but composite decking material can also be used as it is highly durable and requires low maintenance. They do not break or crack easily thus, making them a beloved choice of the homemakers.

Care and maintenance of the decks:

Each thing deserves timely care and maintenance. Likewise, the decks and pergolas of Sutherland Shire, once built, need to be well cared for. Nasties such as pests, harmful microbes and dust can take a serious toll on their condition. So if you want the deck to retain its colour and texture for times to come then plan to pressure wash it at least once a year! Over the ages, all decks and pergolas seem to turn grey and develop cracks so if you want to avoid such scenarios then make it a point to follow a proper deck maintenance regime. 

Pro tip: Staining the decks and pergolas every 2 to 4 years will not let them become victims to wear and tear!

TAKEAWAY: Once you have gone through your needs and aspirations of the deck that you need to build in your place, begin your search for a suitable deck and pergola builder. Doing this task as a DIY project might seem to be quite tedious and take a toll on your health. So try to scan the portfolio of the professional builders, browse their websites and give them a heads up if you are satisfied with their accreditations.

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