“Building A Flawless Character – By Rick Gettle

Book Excerpt From: “Successercising – Successful Living Courses Series” Course #2

What you are speaks so loud that I can’t hear what you are saying.

Some of The Major Destroyers of Your Character

• Fear -- All Fears, Including Poverty, Criticism, Ill Health, Loss Of Love, Old Age And Death
• Greed -- (Even Overeating)
• Intolerance -- All Situations And Attitudes
• Egotism -- Head And Heart Not In Perfect Balance
• Cruelty -- In Any Way, To Anyone
• Mercilessness -- Pitiless, Hardhearted
• Injustice -- Do You Judge Or Punish Others
• Slander -- Uttering Scandal; Malicious Intent
• Lust -- A Carnal Desire In Thought Or Deed
• Anger -- Either Temper Or Holding Resentment
• Hatred -- Do You “Label” Anything -- Anyone
• Jealousy -- Suspicious Of Love, Life, Others
• Impatience -- With People, Places Or Things
• Deceit -- Can You Mislead; Tell “White Lies”
• Falsehood -- Always Truthful And Honest
• Insincerity – Not sincere, Artificial, Deceptive, Hypocritical
• Gossip -- Listen To, Or Tell Idle Tales
• Vanity -- Need Admiration Or Applause From Others
• Undependability -- Am I Reliable And Trustworthy
• Dishonesty -- Cheat, Pilfer, Embezzle Or Defraud
• Disloyalty -- True To Country, The One You Love, Others
• Revenge -- Do I Gratify My Bitter Feelings
• Worry -- Am I Unduly Careful And Anxious
• Envy -- Do I Begrudge Another’s Fame Or Fortune
• Hypochondria -- Exaggerated Anxiety And Discomfort
• Indecision -- Ever Waver In Purpose Or Thought

The Man (Woman) In The Glass

When You Get What You Want In Your Struggle For Self
And The World Makes You A King For A Day
Just Go To The Mirror And Look At Yourself,
And See What THAT Man Has To Say

For It Isn’t Your Father Or Mother Or Wife
Who Judgment Upon You Must Pass.
The Fellow Whose Verdict Counts Most In Your Life
Is The One Staring Back From The Glass.

Some People May Think You A Straight-Shootin’ Chum
And Call You A Wonderful Guy
But The Man In The Glass Says You’re Only A Bum
If You Can’t Look Him Straight In The Eye.

He’s The Fellow To Please, Never Mind All The Rest,
For He’s With You Clear Up To The End,
And You’ve Passed Your Most Dangerous And Difficult Test
If The Man In The Glass Is Your Friend.

You May Fool The Whole World Down The Pathway Of Years
And Get Pats On The Back As You Pass,
But Your Final Reward Will Be Heartaches And Tears
If You’ve Cheated The Man In The Glass.

Exercise: Practice Looking In The Mirror Often. Stare At That Person Looking Back At You. Study That Person Carefully – The Real Person Deep Within. Is That True Person Staring Back At You Proud Of You? Disappointed? Ashamed? Are You Cheating The Man (Woman) In The Glass?

Look At Yourself In The Mirror Several Times In The Next Couple Of Weeks – Describe The Person Looking Back At You. What Would That Person Think About You?

What Would That Person Tell You To Do To Improve Yourself - Your Habits And Attitude?


- The End

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Rick Started Studying Napoleon Hill’s Books And Works In 1951 At The Age Of 20 When He Was Working As A Crew Member On A Ship Heading For India, And Since Then Read Each One Over Thirty-Five Times (He Stopped Counting): Law Of Success, Think And Grow Rich, The Master Key To Riches, Grow Rich With Peace Of Mind, Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude, You Can Work Your Own Miracles And Succeed And Grow Rich Through Persuasion.

Then, He Started Buying Every Other Book He Could Find On The Works Of All Of The Most Successful Writers On Success And Achievement Over The Last 60 Years, And Reading The Best Ones Again And Again. (You Will Find All Of These Book Titles Listed In His Book) “The Science Of Success Achievement Course,” Which Is Listed #1 Out Of 25,000,000 Google Listings Under “Success Achievement Courses,” And, Also, #1 Out Of 20,000,000 Google Listings Under, “Success Achievement Books.”

Rick Spent Three Years In The Army Air Corp And Another Three Years In The United States Merchant Marines And Then From 1954 Until 1960 He Spent His Time In Professional Selling, Sales Training And Sales Management.

From 1961 Until 1970, He Was In Advertising, Promotion And Marketing.

In 1970, Rick Represented Nightingale/Conant Corp (Earl Nightingale’s Company. Earl Was Heard Daily On Over 1,000 Radio Stations), Rick Also Represented “Success Unlimited” Magazine, And Bought A Distributorship To Market Napoleon Hill’s “Philosophy Of Success” Program And Started Teaching His Success Principles.

He Created The Master Mind Alliance Success Clubs International, (Which Is Now #1 Out Of 40,000,000 Google Listings Under Success Clubs), To Help His Students Follow Through And Put The Principles Into Practice.

In 1971, Rick Started Developing And Teaching His Own Course, “The Science Of Success Achievement Course.” His 426 Page 8 ½ X 11 Book Covers 142 Of The Most Important Lessons On Achieving And Maintaining Greater Financial Security, Freedom, Peace Of Mind And Happiness In Life – And How To Live A More Satisfying, Rewarding, And More Meaningful Life.

Since Then, He Has Been Teaching It Live On An Average Of 3 Times Per Week – 52 Weeks Per Year – For Over 40 Years. There Were Times When Had Over 6 Different Classes Going On Per Week. That Comes To Over 6,440 Times He Has Taught His Success Course.

Some Of The Groups He Taught The Course To Included New Your Life, Metropolitan Life, Amway, Mary Kay Beauty Consultants, Herbal Life Distributors, Shearson Leamen, Century 21 Realty, Prudential, Coldwell Banker, San Quentin Prison, The Delancy Street Foundation, People On Self Growth.Com, FACEBOOK, And Linkedin.

In The Late 70’s, Rick Got A Phone Call From A Mr. John Haid Who Was The President Of The Napoleon Hill Academy. He Said That He Heard Quite A Bit About Rick’s Classes And That He Wanted To Fly Out To San Francisco To Meet With Him. When They Got Together, He Told Rick He Was Going To Set Up A Napoleon Hill Academy Franchise In Northern California And Wanted To Find The Most Qualified Person To Run It. He Was Here For About A Week And Interviewed Several Eager People Who Wanted That Privilege, Including Rick. Many Of Them Were Very Successful And Had Lots Of Money To Gladly Pay For The Franchise. After Several Meetings With Each One Of the Prospects, John Decided That Rick Was The Most Knowledgeable On Napoleon Hill’s Success Principles And Gave The Franchise To Him.