A road to success is never a straight one. One has to go through multiple hurdles, failures, and undulating movements to reach their destination. Those who work their fingers to the bone and have desired persistence coupled with unwavering passion and considerable ingenuity are able to make it. Bruce Munster’s story has been the similar one.

Bruce is a Principal of the Munster Freeman Group, an advisory practice within Merrill Private Wealth Management in Century City, CA. Bruce is entrusted with nearly $3 billion and has been instrumental in driving the success of many entrepreneurs, professional entertainers, professional investors, heads of investment banks and private equity firms. 

Bruce has earned all this prominence and trust in the wealth management industry with his diligence, ingenuity, shrewd finance acumen, and personalized approach.

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Enlighten us on your approach to wealth management and how you have made an impact on the wealth management industry.

Our lives are a series of choices and experiences. At 46 years old, I have lots of ideas about the future of wealth management and how to continue enhancing the client experience. God willing, I will be empowered to continue my mission to help my clients and peers over the next 25 to 30 years.

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