Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Leo Santos and I am here to help those in need of advice on massaging, relationships to health and fitness and to also be a friend here for you. I highly enjoy helping others and nothing makes me feel as good as being able give information that can be life altering for those who choose to accept my help. This advice is things that people may already know but I want to give my advice to those who may not know. There is so much vital information that has been lost in the clouds of misconstrued advice that often contradicts the truth leaving us all mixed up and confused on why these methods are not working? I am here to give you information that actually works because I do not like to feed people with false information just to make a sale. If you are to do something do it right, right?

I am an expert in wand massager technology and have an expertise in its uses and different ways that make massaging less tiring and more fun. I am educated in physiotherapy and whilst studying I see that there are many areas in which massaging has needs improving. I have explored the uses of the wand massager in different areas whether it be for the normal fun of couples massaging each other to helping others with musicle aches and pains.

With my father having a stroke with the critical bleeding of the left side of his brain (the most important part ) he unwent complete paralysis on the right side of his body. I have had first hand experience with helping him through the paralyzation of the right side of his body impairing his speech, his right arms and right legs to also assisting in his nutrition because I new that I had to help keep his blood pressure down as well as his sugar levels in order to tru and help preventing this from happening again. So in a way I have become a fitness expert.

I am able to help individuals in ways of massaging ones self, ways to massage your partner everyday without tiring and making it fun for adults strengthening the love and the bond. I am also able to advise people who care for disbled individuals as well as individuals who have a disability to do with joints and muscles.

I can also advise in fitness and nutritional plans to help aid with muscle gaining/recovery all the way to losing fat using high intensity training so that one can fit more in to their schedule with only 8-15 minutes training a day.

Nothing satisfies me more than helping people in areas in need of assistance and I am willing to go the extra mile for those who are willing to put trust in my knowledge. I hope to hear from you because I can also help advice you on any topic that you need via email or by phone.

Kind Regards,

Leo Santos

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I am a expert in the area of physiotherapy, fitness and nutrition. I have used my expertise to help couples, individuals and people with disabilities in massaging to help their situation with the use of wand massager items.

By using this handheld massager I combine it with love and relationships for couples because massaging improves relationships by projecting positive feelings through love and care. I also cover DIY back massaging for individuals to get to those hard to reach places and physiotherapy for those who need more serious help. In the process I will give free nutrition and fitness guides that anyone could follow.

Kind Regards,