Wouldn't it be great to hear your prospects say, "That's a great way to receive brilliant compensation", when you present your MLM business opportunity. But unfortunately that's not always the case.

The usual scenario is that you get totally bored of working very hard with a prospect only to have your heart sink into your boots when they assert the words "Oh this is M.L.M. Is it one of those pyramid schemes?"

Do you then go on to spend the next 30 minutes making an attempt to persuade these people that network marketing and MLM are in truth excellent business models?

When you try to approach your friends, family and people you know, are you afraid they are going to be embarrassed because they believe you're a sucker for joining an MLM "scheme"?

There are several thousands of network marketers who encounter this every day.

Promoting a network marketing opportunity is huge, and at some time nearly everybody has come across it, or had a friend or some one they know who did. From that experience most people have formed a strong opinion and many of these viewpoints are negative - they simply don't see MLM as a good business model or a way of getting "brilliant compensation."

Some will always be quick to point out the difficulties and obstacles involved. This is unsurprising if all they have heard about the business is bad. Indeed there are still many people that think that MLM is not lawful!

Would not your life as a network marketer be far easier if you never heard those words "pyramid scheme" any more? Do you not think you could significantly increase the quantity of people with whom you might share your opportunity?

If you're having a genuine hard time with promoting your MLM business but you understand its potential, can't you see how much more pleasurable and profitable your business could be without all of these objections? I bet you're able to.

Network Marketing Explained Through A DVD

Tim Sales retired shortly after recruiting a downline of 60,000 active distributors around the world. Before that he was in the Special Operations Group during the Persian Gulf war.

Even while doing his dangerous job as an underwater bomb disposal technician he was able to build a gang of over 25,000 part-time distributors even while he was serving in the Persian Gulf. Tim obviously knows how it's possible to get around tough issues!

He also understood that many of the 25,000 distributors in his downline were also facing daily difficulties working Multi Level Marketing business model. That's when he decided to produce a helpful DVD entitled Brilliant Compensation.

In this DVD Tim brings in a marketing instructor by the name of Doctor. Charles King and between them they present an easy to understand discussion about the MLM distribution model. They explain what network marketing is from starting point to end point no holds barred.

They explain all the specifics about the business and what its key benefits are. Neither of them are pitching any sort of opportunity on the DVD or pushing a product - they are just simply but effectively telling it like it is.

Before you present your first MLM business offer it's a good idea to have your prospects take a look at the Brilliant Compensation DVD. Because it is a 3rd party instructional tool and totally unprejudiced,s it will teach your prospect what MLM is really about and help guide them into making a much more informed decision. This helps in dispelling any incorrect ideas they might have had about network marketing.

You Can Stream It Online

If you subscribe to Brilliant Compensation online you can share it with your prospects very easily. All they have do, is go to the Brilliant Compensation website.

This is the most effective way for you and your team to use this helpful tool. Find warm prospects who've shown an interest in beginning their own business.

Determine whether or not they truly are serious and have the finances and the time to achieve success, then guide them through and ask them to watch the Brilliant Compensation DVD on the web.

This can further educate them about the network marketing industry and will answer any and all questions they might have that may be stopping them from reaching a decision as to whether to join your opportunity or not.

After the prospect has watched Brilliant Compensation either online or on DVD then you can ask them what they thought and whether or not they feel more comfortable about the whole MLM business model. That is when you go ahead and share your primary business opportunity with them and they can then make a more informed decision.

Brilliant Compensation is nothing to do with lead generation or prospecting although it's a handy tool to have when closing a prospect. It'll help you in the qualification process at the end of your prospecting efforts.

It's an assistant not a solution. It's a wonderful tool that will help you improve conversion rates when you have found highly-qualified prospects.

What It Can Do For Your Business

Brilliant Compensation answers the question "what is MLM?" It's an educational tool that can save you all that valuable time trying to dispel objections so often heard from new prospects. Brilliant Compensation can greatly reduce failure rate in recruiting, so you can build a much larger and more profitable team.

Author's Bio: 

Merv Stevens works in Internet and Network Marketing. For tips and advice and to learn more about other network marketing tools like Brilliant Compensation go to his website: Wealth Success Ventures. Act now and discover how average people are achieving extraordinary results online by cashing in on the DIGITAL gold rush!