If you are a true entrepreneur your business is your passion. Most of us marketing our business have learned about the importance of logo and branding. Beyond the solid principles related to branding, in regard to marketing, are the motivational aspects tied to your brand. I am not just talking about your customers. What about you? Did you have a vision for your logo or your website and when you saw the design as it as it progressed did that not build your momentum? If not, why not?

You need to completely engage in your brand. Your business is part of you. A large percentage of your time, energy and finance go into your business. When you are excited, your enthusiasm is contagious. Your customers and you staff will also engage when led by your sincere enthusiasm toward your business and your brand. If you love your product or service and the marketing you have done to promote it reflects that, you will naturally attract an audience. Your loyalty will build theirs.

When I had my sign company my designer would sometimes vent about customers who wanted multiple tweaks to their logo design. I understood and felt his frustration, but at the same time I knew the vested interest a person has in their brand. When you view artwork you have commissioned on behalf of your business you want to see your vision

The process of logo creation and design of promotional materials should be exciting and inspiring. Whether you sell parts for machinery, make decorative candles or have a yoga studio; whatever you do, build passion into it and it will reflect to your customers.

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