Response essays as it sounds requires a student to response on a particular topic, this type of essay is becoming common in the universities and college day by day because it helps in building the students analytical abilities, this is why teachers mostly prefer response essays on the other types. Many colleges and universities provide students the supplemental resources so that they get all the information and start writing a response essay on the given material.

The biggest part of writing critical response essay is to conduct a brainstorming session; this doesn’t only apply on literary response essay but the rest of the essays as well. This step is usually neglected by most of the students resulting in bad grades. So, we thought to provide them with a brief guideline on how to do response essay brainstorm.

How to conduct a brainstorming session for writing response essays?

Draw an outline:

This must be done in the first place, take a pen and paper; craft an outline for response essays. Finally, it depends on the structure your teacher has provided to you but the general structure of a response essay would be introduction, body and conclusion.

Write a thesis statement:

You must develop a thesis statement that provides a clear picture of the response essay subject matter; this can also be done by converting the essay question into a thesis statement but use you common sense for this purpose, don’t just copy and paste the essay question as thesis statement.

Generate ideas:

Brainstorming is solely done for creating different ideas, so make sure you are developing some interesting ideas otherwise there is no use of brainstorming for response essays and if in case you have been provided the supplementary resources then you will only have to take information and generate ideas from the material given.

Organize the ideas:

Here, you will organize the haphazardly written ideas in to an order of importance, think what should be discussed in the beginning that will support the thesis statement more than the others, this is how arrange them according to the importance.

Structuring the outline:

You have all the ideas in your hands; get rid of the ones that are irrelevant to the subject matter. Now, it’s time to organize the ideas into an organized form that should be based on logic and importance. Make sure each idea is separately discussed body paragraphs that are well connected with each other and to the topic of response essay.

Hence, you are now done with brainstorming part of the response essay; if you have any further queries then you can always consult your teachers but never ignore this step because it is the first and the most important step for writing response essay. When students don’t have enough time to write response essay and the submission date is around the corner then they just write their response essays without any proper home work which results into a very bad quality response essays and they blame teachers for not giving them good grades.

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