“Both Cannabis & Chronic Stress Blow-Out Our Motivation
• 1. “But I’m smart, hardworking, why can’t I win success?”

• 2. “Snap answer: you run away from Obstacles and your Mind-Set (Attitude) in not in alignment with Coping.”

• 3. “I have no idea what “Obstacles, Attitude & Coping” even mean in this context. You are using “abstract” words that do not paint a mental picture. Be ‘concrete’.”

• 4. “We both believe in science, right? I just read research that might clarify our feelings of getting dumped on, loneliness, and not winning our dreams.”

• 5. “It appears in Biological Psychiatry, from Imperial College, London & University College, London. July, 2013.
Bottom line: when we get less Dopamine, a brain chemical, we become lazy & stupid. There’s more.”

• 6. “Regular smoking ‘pot’ is using a powerful “drug” that slows the flow of Dopamine, the Reward neurotransmitter. Human Rule of Life: if there is no pot- of-gold at the end of the rainbow, there’s no activity.”
• “Getouttahere.”

• 7. “Capitalism won the war over Communism, when almost 40% of the planet favored Communism, because The U.S. & other Capitalists followed Human Nature.

• Humans do not “move” their fundaments without a “reward”. Motivation is from Latin, meaning to “move”.
Easy, right? What’s my inducement, incentive, impetus or cause to “work” or pursue my interests?”

• 8. “Wait. Pot takes away my “cause” or reason to do? And scientifically it’s Dopamine the pleasure hormone.”

• 9. “Not just Pot, but ‘Chronic Stress’ which is the cause for Stroke, Heart Attacks, and Cancer.”

• 10. “Are you saying that there is science that Pot causes Chronic-Stress?”

• 11. “Maybe Chronic-Stress causes Pot addition. Either one & both inhibit (stop) the proper flow of Dopamine, and that makes you lazy, stupid with bizarre thoughts.”

• 12. “Potheads feel like they’re being threatened by secret forces. The government is spying on them. Well, they’re right on that one.”

• 13. “So the lower the Dopamine level, the more failure in…”

• 14. “Right, no goals, no success, a lot of loneliness, and no success. Don’t forget the Big Three Killers – Stroke-Heart-Cancer.

• “More addiction, more psychosis, & lower production of Dopamine?”

• 15. “Google it: Dopamine comes from the “Striatum” of the brain, located in our “Forebrain”.
Many researchers equate ‘no motivation’ with Pot use, and Chronic Stress.”

• 16. “You’re a real ‘downer’. Tell something helpful”

• 17. “Two positive things: “Obstacles are your friends. What’s an ‘obstacle’? An obstruction, impediment, hurdle to obtaining your goal. Get this: your entire life is

surrounding with “obstacles”.

• You overcome one, and another pops up. It’s like breathing, you have to always keep doing it to survive. There’s always another ‘obstacle’ to overcome, if you’re living. It’s called “coping”, successfully struggling.”

• 18. “I’m not stupid, Coping is handling, managing things, not giving-in. From French: to strike, cut. Well, I’m going to cope.”

• 19. “Good news. Both “Pot” addiction and Chronic Stress,
are reversible. Your stress is not having success on-demand, blaming yourself, and having a limited Attention-Span. Wanna know what works?”

• 20. “Willpower?”

• 21. “Reprogram your subconscious with Rewards (motivation), during meditation & diaphragmatic breathing. That and “intentional S-M-I-L-I-N-G, & mental visualization of the ‘positive outcomes’ you desire.”

• 22. “Tell me more, & be specific.”

• 23. “Take the SpeedReading101 program with Hana Martinez held at Columbia University or Online. Email
hm@speedlearning.org See ya,

copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler


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