Do you have a favorite color? Has your favorite color changed over the years? I'll bet most poeple don't even consider WHY they like certain colors over others. In my blog post on emotion I talked about vibration and how everything has a vibration. Our voices are vibration, water carries vibration, even light is vibration.

Colors appear to us as they do due to the light vibration which our eyes behold. Since vibration affects us in different ways then it is important to realize that COLOR can affect our bodies as well. THAT is why we are attracted to certain colors and have a favorite or two. Color can be healing. Whatever it is within us that needs to be boosted, uplifted or healed there is a color that can help to make that change.

Wearing red for instance can boost our love energy or make us feel more powerful. Yellow is a happy color which can uplift our spirits. Green is a healing color which soothes and relaxes.

It is fun to see what colors we surround ourselves with and choose to wear. You can actually learn a bit more about yourself when you become aware of your choices. Play with color a bit and see what changes it makes in your life! :) Wear yellow or pink on a gloomy day, wear red when public speaking and green if you're a bit under the weather. The options are limitless!

Author's Bio: 

Allison Moseley Moss is the founder of Flow Feng Shui. A contemporary mix of Western Feng Shui and the inner balancing work necessary to achieve the life you desire. Twelve years of Feng Shui study and practice led her to create a system which supports the self while creating a serene environment. Balance truly comes from within.

Drawing from her Feng Shui background she incorporates Reiki into her practice to sense and uplift energies within any home or environment. Working with dual modalities creates greater success for each client.

Allison is the author of numerous published articles on Feng Shui, a former talk radio co-host of Your Inner Journey Talk Radio and guest Host of 11:11 Talk Radio which are now heard nationally on Voice America, guest speaker, workshop facilitator and is a former Staff Feng Shui practitioner at the Believe~Choices for Conscious Living Center in Lexington, S.C.