It has long been said that you can do anything you put your mind to. Yet, in this ground breaking book, Mike Hawkins reveals the flaw in this traditional thinking. While believing you can do something is critical, it is insufficient on its own. Based on over twenty-five years of practical experience in executive coaching, leading people, consulting, selling, and now as a coach to coaches, Mike Hawkins explains what it truly takes to influence people, change behavior, and achieve sustainable results.

By reading Activating Your Ambition, you will discover how easy it can be to learn new skills, overcome bad habits, and leverage your talents. You will find out how to conquer the primary obstacles to self-development, how to move outside of your comfort zone, and how to translate your goals into straightforward actions.

The eight principles of Activating Your Ambition show you how to build confidence, be more successful at work, improve your health, and enhance your relationships. You will have clarity in your goals and be well on your way to focused improvement and long term success.

Whether you are coaching yourself, others, or simply looking for insight into what it takes to be successful in working with people, you will find this book an invaluable resource.

Author's Bio: 

MIKE HAWKINS is an executive coach and expert in helping people reach their goals. He is president of Alpine Link Corporation, where he is a respected practitioner, speaker and thought-leader on leadership, self-improvement and business improvement. He has a reputation for consistently leading organizations and individuals to higher levels of achievement.

Prior to founding Alpine Link Corp., he developed his practical perspectives on behavioral change through his own personal victories in self-improvement together with his unique combination of experience in engineering, sales and senior management. He has worked in many industries including management consulting, information technology, financial services, manufacturing, construction, energy, telecommunications, utilities, and non-profits.

Throughout Mike’s career, he has excelled in overcoming challenging issues. He truly understands not just what to do and why to do it, but how to do it. In his executive coaching experience and in turning around under-performing businesses, he has uncovered recurring root cause issues that limit performance. As a result, Mike has refined several frameworks including Activating Your Ambition™, The SCOPE of Leadership™, and Peak Potential Selling™ to help organizations and individuals break through their limitations and achieve new levels of success.

Mike put himself through college earning a bachelor’s degree in science and while working for IBM he attended a one year advanced management program at the Harvard Business School.