Remember the beginning of 2018? Back then, cryptocurrencies were breaking historic records, and one bitcoin was worth about $18,000. Yes, it was a glorious time, blockchain was the number one topic of discussion. In fact, even top government officials were talking about it, and everyone wanted to implement blockchain in one way or another. But then cryptocurrencies took a nosedive, and with them, the blockchain hype subsided. At the same time, the technology itself was not forgotten, as everyone understood very well that its potential is huge and isn’t limited to cryptocurrencies. So, three years have passed.

Do you know what this means? The blockchain technology is about to get hot again. It's about to become one of the most talked-about topics again. It might even supplant the endless stream of pandemic news. At least for a while. At least we'd like to believe so.

Except that no matter how much you ignore the elephant in the room, even if it's been there for a year and everyone is used to it, it's still not going anywhere. And we're not talking about a virus right now. We are sitting on lockdown not because the government is afraid we will get sick, but to prevent the healthcare system from collapsing. The year 2020 has clearly shown the world how much the medical industry needs to modernize and digitalize to meet new challenges. And blockchain can be a great help in that endeavor. According to a study by IDC Health Insights, one in five organizations that do business in healthcare will soon be using blockchain technology. We're talking about both blockchain-based software and custom solutions that integrate off-the-shelf blockchain solutions. So let's take a look at the companies that have already done this and been successful at it.

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