1st January 2017 is going to be the beginning of the Public Sale to get ShipChain, the project that will use blockchain to switch the shipping & logistics marketplace.

ShipChain encircles all methods of cargo and will incorporate an open API architecture that could integrate with existing cargo management program.
In other words, it is a totally integrated platform across the whole supply chain, from the moment a shipment leaves the factory, to the last delivery on the client’s doorstep; trust less structure and transparent blockchain smart contracts. The movement of merchandise includes a substantial and increasing impact on the everyday lives of individuals across the globe.

According to a market report released by Transparency Market Research, in 2015, “The market’s worldwide value was $8.1 trillion and it was predicted to rise to $15.5 billion by 2023, which makes it one of the biggest businesses on the planet. The business is now 10 percent of the United States GDP.

Today, the supply chain has severe bottlenecks. The absence of a unified platform averts the several players from interacting effectively. The majority of the participants at the supply chain utilize obsolete strategies to monitor their shipments. Given that up to 65 percent of the worth of a business’s services or products is derived from its own providers and its own supply chain, using older highly inefficient systems leads to enormous quantities of wasted funds, time and resources.

ShipChain was created to address the most critical issues facing the logistics industry now. The totally integrated system will track across the whole supply chain from the moment it leaves the factory, area, or farm to bring the final product to the client’s doorstep; a trustless program, and also transparent blockchain contracts.

The ShipChain Program uses an Ethereum smart contract which may be used by anybody to orchestrate a delivery escrow on the distributed ledger. The general shipment completion is going to be saved on the principal Ethereum blockchain, and also to keep prices low, people monitoring waypoints and information could be saved and verified at an affiliated side-chain working on the ShipChain Protocol, like the one ShipChain Foundation.” Massive partners are going to have the ability to operate their particular ShipChain side-chains, together with help from ShipChain Foundation.

The public sale will be held on 29th January 2018. 17 million SHIP tokens will be sold. It is intended to increase approximately $10 million in ETH. $0.342 percent is the ICO cost.

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