Bingo is played all around the world! Countries have their own versions of the game but it generally remains the same way wherever you go. The thing about bingo that keeps its universal popularity is that it can be altered in pretty much any aspect, from the amount of games, the Barbados Bingo lingo or even the venues where it is played.

With some many variations available around the globe, it’s no wonder that bingo is one of the most beloved games in the world. In the UK there is more money spent on bingo tickets than football! Below, you will find out about some of the key differences in bingo games from other countries. 


Perhaps the most surprising thing is that the game actually originated from Italy. Back in 1530, the game was known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia. Since then the game may have changed alot but the Italians love of bingo hasn’t wavered at all. There are over 300 bingo halls in the country and the most popular game is 90 ball bingo. The average age is also younger when compared to the UK, with the player age being around thirty five on average. 


Not all countries have embraced bingo, with Brazil taking a particularly hard stance against the game. Bingo halls were legalised as recently as 1993 which led to many bingo halls being opened across the country. Unfortunately this decision was soon altered as the Brazillian President banned bingo and slot machines of all forms. All hope is not lost however, as the online bingo community has been thriving. Sites such as ‘Brasil Bingo’ specifically cater to Brazillian players and as of yet the Brazillian government has not taken any steps to curb online bingo. 

United States of America 

Home to the most popular gambling destination of the world, Las Vegas, America may not have invented bingo but it has definitely taken to it. Even when not considering Vegas as a factor, bingo is still incredibly popular. It is used by catholic churches as a means to boost funding while certain charities use bingo as a way to raise funds. America generally uses 75 ball bingo, but because there are strict gambling laws  there are not as many bingo halls when compared to other countries. This hasn’t stopped its popularity since its introduction to the country in 1920. 


This may seem a surprise considering how technologically advanced Japan is but bingo is actually an incredibly popular game in the country. This is mainly due to a thriving online gaming community, as there are strict rules on land based gambling. Japan even set the world record for the amount of players in a single game of online bingo, with half a million players! 


Bingo is a worldwide game that remains popular no matter the difference in cultures. It brings people together and the feeling you get when exclaiming ‘BINGO!’ is a universal feeling no matter what country you live in.

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