Thinking of joining a MLM company that offers a binary MLM plan?, there are lots of different plans offered. If done correctly binary MLM can be profitable. Let’s address how to properly set up your downline for maximum profit.

Binary MLM is based on a matrix of two. The company offering this plan will only allow you to sign up or recruit 2 people into your first level down line. The key to success with a binary MLM plan is choosing you’re first 2 people very carefully; your profit margin will depend on those 2 people being active. Remember to also keep your downline balanced, you can’t afford to have an uneven leg.

One of the main differences between a binary MLM plan and a forced matrix is that you will have no differences in levels. Let me explain, when someone joins your opportunity and becomes part of your downline, you will receive a pre-determined cash amount. A typical forced matrix pays a different amount on your different levels. A binary MLM plan will only pay a pre-determined amount of cash for each person. It won’t matter how many levels down they may be from you in your downline.

There is one small down side to a binary MLM plan. Because you can only have 2 people in your first level, it is not uncommon to end up with an uneven downline. The binary plan was designed to payout based on the amount of volume from your weaker leg. Now, if you recruit 2 people and only one new distributor actively promotes and markets in order to build a downline, you will probably not make much money.

You will always be paid for the people who join in the weaker of your two legs. You are usually paid when the weaker leg produces a certain amount of revenue. This means that if one of your legs is inactive, you will not receive much money. Only if your down line is even will you profit well from a binary system.

The key to success with a binary MLM plan is to join in a group, or better yet personally select your first level signups, this way you can help maintain a balanced downline. Binary MLM plans do not use any spillover; this means you should receive signups from your upline or the person who sponsored you. But, you can only benefit from spillover if your legs are relatively even and balanced. Your spillover will only go to one leg, if your downline is not balanced I.E. one active leg and one inactive leg, you will not see any spillover.

These binary MLM plans are different then a forced matrix, in that a forced matrix focuses on quantity, where as a binary plan will focus on quality. Remember this is where a binary plan will pay off….getting quality distributors. If you join a binary plan select your first 2 referrals carefully.

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